My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 3

Sticks & Stones

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl decides to do number 91: Made fun of Maggie Lester. Earl and Randy go to Shady Grove, and discover that Maggie had a huge beard.

After a small discussion about the list, Maggie says that it is fine, even when Earl mentions getting rid of the beard. Maggie travels with a traveling freak show. To atone for the list, Earl gets to know Maggie because he never knew much about her as a child. He finds out Maggie loves to fix things with carpentry skills, turning a door into a fine looking table.

As Earl and Randy leave, they see a midget, a boy with lobster hands, and a guy with a horn on his head. They make fun of them, and then realize he is judging them without knowing them as people. Earl then decides to hang out and find out more about them.

He meets Paul, a tall man who loves to read the the business section and look at stocks. Kevin has a horn on his head and William was a midget who was a great chef. Kevin is good at restoring cars and randy skateboards with the lobster boy, Tommy.

Earl then suggests they skip rocks at the pond, but Maggie notices he is taking a different direction. Earl is going to get ice cream, his treat in the next town. The freaks bail from the El Camino and run back to Shady Grove. Earl discovers that the freaks have a shelter in Shady Grove. Its the only time when they are not gawked at for being a traveling freak show. They don't like going out in public places.

Earl then remember his fear of taking off his shirt in public when he was a kid. His mean coach told him to do and Earl never jumped off the high diving board. Earl returns to the pool, and his coach is still there. He confronts him, and the coach said he did it for Earl's own good because Earl should not let people dictate his life.

Earl goes back to Shady Grove to get the freaks to watch him take his shirt off and overcome his phobia in public, but they refuse. Earl goes to the pool and takes off his shirt, ready to jump. He backs out last minute and sees his friends. They have come to support him after all. Earl jumps into the water, and they all join him.

In a montage, we see that Kevin has become a mechanic, William a chef, Paul a stock broker, the large woman was become a masseuse, Tommy can now hang with other children, and Maggie restores houses and sells them.

Meanwhile, Joy is going to flirt with her lawyer so he can do the best job he can. At the office, Joy mistakes Doug as her lawyer. Her lawyer is in fact Ruby Whitlow, a deaf woman. Joy immediately takes a dislike with her and says she cannot allow a deaf woman to represent her. Ruby lets Doug tell her to represent herself.

Joy and Darnell read up on some legal books, but they cannot understand them. Joy goes back to Ruby with a half assed apology, but then mentions her kids and that they will be alone of their mother is convicted. Ruby then says she will take her case, despite Joy laughing at her accent.