My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 22

Stole a Badge

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on NBC

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  • Good solid episode. Not the best but well made and in line with the show's premise. Good guest stars and good work by the cast.

    This episode is not one of the greatest of the series but it is a good solid episode. Earl's finding of the badge is a good reference to karma. His flashback to the abuses with the badge are pretty good and how each character abuses the privileges is humorous. It also introduces Clint Howard's Rodney as a true scumbag.

    The policeman's family of sister and police captain, as well as the scene of him as a baby involved in an arrest, was pretty good and the girl's hairstyles are a laugh all on their own. The policeman, played well, at the rest stop having to be a janitor was also a good chuckle.

    Best of all probably was the ending. With Earl finding out why he should not tell everyone (especially cops) about his list and Rodney getting his karma payback. Definitely an episode worth watching but on a show this good, even this good episode has trouble measuring up in a few ways. Maybe that is the problem with a great show, that episodes that would be outstanding on other series are just average.
  • Heartwarming episode.

    This was one of those episodes where you just feel warm on the inside after you watch it. Karma brought a stolen badge back to Earl's fingertips in a stream. He finds out who it belongs to, and also finds out who it belongs to isn't much of a cop. He's more of a bowler. So Earl tries to help him become a better cop. It just isn't working, until Earl gives him his list. The cop arrests him and Earl runs. Instead of reaching for his gun, the cop reaches for his bowling ball, revealing he's a bowler at heart. Everyone's happy, and Earl crosses something else off his list. This was a feel-good episode, and I enjoyed it.
  • Finally a new episode!!!

    This week Earl and the gang set out to return a police badge that they stole back in the day. Since Earl is very afraid of cops it takes him a little time to build up his nerve to go to the police station, when he does return the badge he learns that it belonged to a male cop who worked with his 4 sisters, and that there mother was the Capitan. Earl discovers how the life and reputation of the cop were ruined when he stole his badge. So Earl sets out to fix the situation. At first he tries to create crime scenes where the cop can intervene and become a hero, but Earl soon learns that this cop is a huge coward, and the only reason he is a cop is that his mom forced him. So Earl, tells the cop to peruse his own dreams, the dream to be a pro bowler, and after some struggles Earl can finally cross 127 off his list.
  • That's a policeman's badge!

    This episode is hilarious and almost every scene is classic, especially hoe the gang used the police badge and the whole concept of stealing bowling alley shoes was a great idea.

    A cop wanting to be a pro bowler was an excellent plot and really shows how comedic and fresh My Name is Earl is.Seeing Earl get bowled over was a terrific end to a terrific episode, Creepy Rodney being a hilarious character and Karma really working it's magic in the end, Joy ending up with the badge being a great choice and there are so many other hilarious scenes that make this episode a must-see.
  • That's a very well written episode! I highlty recommend it!

    I watched this episode of My Name Is Earl last night, and I definitely enjoyed it! It was a very funny episode, especially watching all of the scenes in which Earl, Randy and Joy use the policeman's badge for different purposes! It was quite hilarious!

    I enjoyed the storyline. It was definitely a very good one, and I thought the transoition to demoted police officer to a professional gbowler was very funny and very exciting!

    All up, this eway was a very awesome episode! I would definitely recommend it, and it is episode's like this one in which I truly miss My Name Is Earl!
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