My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 7

Stole Beer From a Golfer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • A hole in one! Free drinks on me!

    Earl is such a nice guy. He's so filled with good intentions that I want to be on that list. Don't you? I was amazed by that golfer's luck. Earl gets him his job back, his girlfriend, his home, and even Poochie the dog. Gosh, it's so easy to break a man, but it takes a lot of work to mend him back. This karma stuff is hard.

    Some of the highlights: Randy and Earl in their golf get-up and putting golf balls in the hole; the burning cross and swastika; "Have you seen this person?" picture; and those state fair commercials. They're Bear-awesome. Who says Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth?
  • The show is just awesome.

    I have never really picked up a show other than the OC as fast as I picked up this one. It is just awesome. Beer and the Bandit are an unbeatable combination. I hope the show goes on until he actually finishes the list. And by the way he keeps anding things to the list, it could be a while.
  • another great episode.

    Another great episode from, to me anyway, this suprisingly great new show. Golf, bear, fair bare, and the car from smokey and the bandit, what else could you ask for in one 30 min episode. Not much, the humor and newness of the show still sticks around because of his list, which he actually added to this episode.
  • Simply wonderful

    Earl strikes again. This is by far one of the top comedy shows that are aring in the US. Earl is the best anti-hero of our time. In this episode the writers show that the list can hold many crazy plot twists. If one has to criticize some, I would have to say that the fact that Joy and Crabman didn’t appear was unfortunate. These two characters brings more freaky twist to the show.
    But Randy and Catalina were in their prime. The idea to original to manipulate the sad golfers play in order to get free beer is so amazing that it would almost outrank a finer episode of The Simpsons.
    I hope that will see Earl cross out at least a hundred things on his list.
  • Classic Free Beer

    This is a redreck classic ;p I like the classic free beer attitude. I can see my friends sitting in on this episode and no one would notice! haha This episode was a little more laid back than most. I could stand for a little more chuckle but it is Earl so it was good.
  • So funny

    This one shownd one of my favortie flashbacks with the guy shooting the ball and then Earl and RAnDY putting in the hole to get free beer. Than it had Earl learning a lesson about showing Randy some time to hang out with him. This has to be one of fav. so far threw.
  • This episode is Beariffic

    This episode was very amusing throughout the whole episode, with some great jokes about the fair aswell as from the main plot of fixing the guy's life.

    The concept of this episode is great, Earl and Randy setting up hole in ones to get free beer (and hot wings) and was pulled off brilliantly, golf obsession leading Earl to the eventual revelation that he too is obsessed with the list. Randy and Earl's feud was very well written into the episode and is ended very well, Earl adding Randy to his list so that he'll never neglect his brother again.
  • Funny stuff...

    The fair is in town, but before they can go Earl has to cross an item off his list. Earl secretly fixed a ton of golf games for a golfer when he finds out that the golfer celebrates by buying everyone at the bar a free beer. When Randy slips and tell others about the scam, Earl and Randy have to stop. When they find the golfer to give him the beer they scammed him out of, they find that because the golfer thought he was going to go pro, he neglected his life for golf and lost his job, and is now living in his car. Since the golfer's life has tanked, and it is Earl's fault, Earl has to get him his old job back and get him back together with his girlfriend.
  • So funny how one thing led to another!

    This was a very funny instalment of 'My Name I s Earl', and this one had me laughing quite a lot! The lengths that Earl and Randy went to, in order to earn free beer was fantastic, and I was laughing at that!

    The hwhole storyline was an interesting one, and it was interesting how Earl did so much damage with so little of a bad deed! Thankfully everything worked out (well, mostly) and the episode was certainly very interesting in that aspect.

    I'd highly recommend this show and this episode. The show might've eneded, but it did so prematurely, and this is an amazing and fine example of just how great of a show it was! Can't wait to see more!
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