My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 13

Stole P's HD Cart

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • Ah, the crooked Hot Dog franchisers - the villains of the 21st century

    This episode was a terrific episode of Earl because it shows that Earl still wants to have the fun he used to, despite the flimsy plans and unbelievable excuses.

    Ralph is a very funny character and the fact that he burned down the cart right after helping bring it back was hilarious and he may just be stupider than Randy, though he does know when to flee.

    I found the typing test scenes hilarious, as we see just how crazy the gang really are aswell as the entertaining elevator scene where Earl doesn't understand certain expressions like "we never had this conversation" and overall, the episode shows a Robin Hood side of Earl with an ending so bizarre, you just have to love Ralph (and his severed toe).
  • THIS was a great episode. From the setup, to the execution to the cast and guest stars, it all came together. Joy and Darnell (Crab-man) played well into the episode and the references to Earl's "crack" team of theives when they are such bumbling fools

    I really liked this episode. It brought so many aspects of the show into focus and showed what the series is all about. Earl says he is trying to be a better man but like the saying "it is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys", Earl always struggles as he gets help from his dysfunctional family and friends. But they mean well.

    I loved Giovanni Ribisi as a member of "the gang". He played it just right and was hilarious. When he asked about cutting off his pinky toe and Earl started telling him it was not a good idea then realized it was too late, it was very funny. Ribisi's comments about thinking he was such a pro at stealing ("this is what I do") while doing it all wrong was also really good. After setting fire to the hot dog stand then turning to its owner and offering to buy him a dance at a local club (thus showing how clueless he was about the wrongness of his actions) really showed a lot about that character. His biggest goof, with the copier, was just classic comedy.

    Joy and Darnell really shined in this episode too. Joy's face when she gave Darnell the tainted hot dog (I won't say more) was exactly right. Darnell passing out office supplies like the actor did in his commercials was also good.

    I just thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
  • Giovianni Ribisi!

    What a great show:

    I like how doing one good deed on Earl's list always branches off into something bigger. And talking about comes Giovianni Ribisi. I totally love his name.

    Earl wants to cross something off his list but his going to steal to be able to fully make up for the pain that he caused.

    Overall, another great episode.
  • Very well done. The show develops a thoughtful series of complex interactions and smoothly bring them all to a close in a cohesive way. The redheaded clerk at the file cabinet was exceptional in the way she conveyed her thoughts through facial expressio

    MNIE continues to deliver humourous and well executed plots with great contributions from all cast members. It is interesting to note the way Earl must also carry the weight of his dysfunctional friends around his neck as he tries to right the wrongs of his past. Somehow, he manages to cross the items off his list in spite of the constant threat of being 'undone' by his compadres. This is a very sophisticated theme delivered through a 'trailer trash' medium. The 'Pops Hot Dog' episode has the nice touch of helping the little guy and taking a shot at corporate greed and corruption. The redheaded clerk at the file cabinet was exceptional in the way she conveyed her thoughts through facial expressions and closing the drawer. Good job.
  • It's like Ghostbusters, but busting bad Karma instead.

    This was an absolutely wonderful episode... The only person they were missing was the old voice-box guy!

    What was witnessed here was the assembly of the MNIE (My Name Is Earl) crew, obviously working as Karma-busters. Each performing good things for their own reasons, Earl's being the only one to do with Karma.

    And it had Kenny, you gotta love Kenny.