My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 5

Teacher Earl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on NBC

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  • Earl makes up for laughing at people with funny accents by teaching English classes to foreigners, while one of his old friends gets out of Prison only to go back to his stealing ways.

    Earl loved to make fun of people with funny accents and because of Karma, he wants to pay back all the people he made fun of. Scandinavian, Hispanic or Asian, he laughed at them all. What does he decide to do? Teach English to foreigners.

    While Earl and Randy are getting something to eat, one of Earl's old friends, Ralph shows up. Turns out he just finished up 18 months in prison. Now that he's out, he's eager to start stealing again. Randy and Earl tag along a bit, but Earl realizes he can't do this anymore. After Ralph steals stuff from a store, takes a bridal dress and throws all his beer cans in the apartment complex's pool, Earl decides he has to tell Ralph about the List and his changed ways. So he takes all of Ralph's stolen stuff and cleans up the pool.

    While cleaning the pool, Joy shows up and tells Earl he can't teach English anymore. She explains that one of Earl's students has a nail business next door to Joy's nail business. The only reason people go to Joy is because she speaks English so she doesn't want Earl's students to learn. Just then Ralph walks in and hears them talking about the List. Ralph questions Earl and he has to explain everything. Ralph doesn't really pay attention until Earl mentions the $100,000 he won. Ralph decides to give Karma a chance and he cleans up.

    Soon after, Ralph gets a job and an apartment room next door to Randy and Earl. He starts working at a Lamp Store. Earl is proud of Ralph until he sees that he's been stealing lamps from the store. He decides not to be friends with Ralph anymore because he still steals. Randy starts to hangout with Ralph more then Earl and tells him that it's his List and he has nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Earl teaches his class that "1 Block right then 2 Blocks left" is how to get to his house. Back at Joy's trailer where she has her nail business, she is teaching Earl's student to speak English. Too bad she is really teaching her to say disgusting things so she loses all her customers. When Earl is back at his room he get's a phone call from Ralph telling him that while Randy and him were stealing from a house, Randy got stuck in a chimney. Earl goes to help them out, but it was just a trick to get Earl to leave.

    Ralph hits Randy over the head with a lamp after he comes out of the bathroom and ties him up. When Randy comes to, he finds himself in Earl's room with Ralph ripping the place apart. He wants Randy to tell him where Earl puts his money. Randy doesn't tell Ralph until he drags him in the shower and sprays hot water on his "goods". Randy tells him that the money is in a safe box at the bank and Earl has the only key. Just then, Earl decides to head back to his room because he can't find Randy in any chimneys. He walks in his room, sees Randy tied up and gets smashed in the head by a lamp, courtesy of Ralph. When Earl regains consciousness, Randy explains that Ralph took his key and his heading to the bank to steal his money.

    Randy apologizes to Earl for hanging out with Ralph even after he stole things and that Karma is punishing him for it. He tells Earl to call out to Karma and see if it helps them. Earl thinks it's silly but does it anyway. After calling out several times, his door opens and his English class walks in. They said there was no class so they went "1 block right then 2 blocks left" and came to Earl's house. Earl quickly calls the police who are waiting for Ralph when he shows up at the bank. He manages to run away from them. Earl takes his class out to eat for saving him and Randy. Another check off the List. Just then Ralph walks in and gives Earl his key back. He apologizes for what he did and Earl rightfully forgives him.
  • Karma to the rescue.

    This one was surely a funny installment. Enjoyment of watching Earl try to teach non-english speaking peoples was great. Sort of like in the movie Stripes. In this episode we are well entertained just by the hilarious things the students say from watching TV. Earl's old stealing buddy is released from prison. Earl doesn't want to tell him he's gone straight. It is a great laugh when Earl gets him a job selling laps after telling him all about how karma works. Earl comes over to his place later to find him hanging out with Randy and his room is FULL of lamps. "I tried this karma thing all morning. It just doesnt' work for me"
  • Another great ep.

    Earl makes up for laughing at people with funny accents by teaching English classes to foreigners, I love things that Earl teaches them to say like where he lives and others and in the end KArma pull threw when Earl was in troblem and the people he made fun of before came and helped him.
  • Nicely done.

    Earl as teacher is something that should make any Educationists jump off a cliff, but it makes a decent comedy.

    The plus in this episode was Giovanni Ribisi...I love his work and he played the part with perfection.

    Overall, a splendid episode, and in the end Earl's students came to his aid.
  • Fine example and well written again!

    The show is a fine example and well-written of how
    It will be a huge hit as it finds its audience to
    Match with great writing and acting! Earl teaches english
    As a second language to make up for his lack of
    Being a jerk to people who have foreign languages as I
    Cracked myself up and nearly lost it! Very funny show!
  • Earls friend gives karma a try

    An absolute classic
    i love the disguise
    i love the lamps
    i love the crazy accents
    "i dont know what she said but shes lying"

    The torture scene was a fantastically sadistic but polite piece of work.
    The rescue of the duo was inspired "Karma"

    One of the best of the season
    a great bit of telly
  • Who could forget Earl as a teacher?

    Not only is this a hilarious and well plotted episode, it is also a classic in my books, if for nothing else, the hilarious ending where Randy and Earl call Karma, as if it was a pet and it worked.

    Ralph was a very good character to be introduced because it shows sort of a present Earl trying to fix past Earl that he once created and of course it fails. Randy siding with Ralph was interesting and led to a great moment where Earl learns Randy wasn't stuck in a chimney so he'd learnt from the past two times.

    The scenes of Earl teasing foreign people are priceless and if you haven't seen this episode, I suggest you do.
  • Anot her superb episode!

    My Name Is Earl has been very awesome in its early days, and this episode is the case and point. I loved the idea of Earl as an English teacher. (I'd hire him over mine!) That was a great idea by the writers!

    Also enjoyed Joy's scheme of teaching the Asian neighbour all the wrong words! That was really hilarious, and I was laughing for a whilte after hearing that!

    Definitely a great show, and it is just so funny! The plot is scintillating, and I loved the idea of him crossing things off his list! Can't wait to see more, and keep it up! A great show, with a great concept!