My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 21

The Bounty Hunter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • bounty hunter

    Loved the whole episode. So funny. Joy tried to make nice but the fight scene was awesome. Love joy to death and the show is just great
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  • The truth behind Joy

    This episode is very amusing because we learn that Joy and Earl's drunk marriage wasn't an accident but more of a conspiracy. Well, not a conspiracy but an evil plan nonetheless and I thought it was typical of Joy to do something like that to get married.

    Of course we also learn that Earl had a girlfriend when he married Joy and that's where the plot comes in. Jesse going nuts and building strength is quite a sight and the end is perfect with Joy's Springer watching coming in handy.

    Overall, the episode was great and so were the ways the actors portrayed Earl and Joy in this installment of My Name Is Earl.
  • this was so hilarious!

    this episode was great! Joy kicked butt in the end and it was so fuuny. jessies teeth got knocked out and so did the gold ones! joy didnt care at all! she just wanted earl and even if she had to drunk him she did it.the scene when kung-fu-figthing was being played had me in stitches!poor earl! he had to protect Joy even though she could do damage to jessie without even breaking a sweat!
  • it was allrigh wouldnt say it was the best but i wouldnt say that it wasnt good.

    This one was good i liked it when it showed you what realy
    happened with joy and earl heh
    i think earl should have married that woman (oh man i forgot her name) instead of joy she seemed real nice well all accept when she was beating rhandy allthough i do have
    to addmit that was that was quite
    funny though hehe.
    this one made joy seem like she was a decent girl (accept for stealing earl from the woman having a one night afair with him (poor darnel they didnt even feel bad a bout it cruel or what)and punching the woman)
  • Is it just me or is Joy getting nicer...

    In this episode of Earl we see that before Joy, Earl had a very nice girlfriend, who even played games with Randy. However, Earl finds Joy and marries her within a night so he kind of decides not to see his girlfriends anymore. When she confronts him and Joy…Joy knocks out both her teeth. When she finally has a reason to go after Joy, she decides to get stronger so that she could knock out Joys teeth. So Joy runs to Earl’s motel when she finds out that Earls EX girlfriend is now a bounty hunter out to get her. So Earl sees this as an opportunity to remove an item from his list. Tune in to see what happens…
  • It is really great to see Joy's character developing. From mean bitch to a lovely caring person.

    Nevertheless this episode is not one of my favorites.
    Maybe mainly because I do not like Juliette Lewis. Though she was perfect for the role of Jessie. She is not really pretty and so she can be the "wallflower" or the mean bit**. But very unrealistic that Joy is able to knock her teeth out a second time, after Jessie practiced so hard.
  • Great episode. Nice to see Joy care about something for once. I feel like this series is getting better and better for each episode.

    Great episode. Nice to see Joy care about something for once. I feel like this series is getting better and better for each episode and not the opposite as those kinds of series use to do.

    This episode contained good flashbaks which is nice to see.
    Anyway ... A Good episode!
  • I love that they're allowing Joy's character to grow as we see in this hilarious episode.

    So, yes, she decks Earl's old girlfriend and knocks out the implants she had knocked out years before.
    But she comes clean to Earl in a sweet episode, where she tells him she tricked him into marriage.
    Of course, Earl hugging the homeless guy is also a sweet counter to all the homophobia that's going around. This underlines the fact that guys happy in their sexuality can live and let live with homosexuals. We should all be as emotionally mature as Earl.
  • When Earl married Joy, he ditched his girlfriend Jessie. Now Jessie's back, and she's gunning for Joy...

    I thought this episode was funny! Not the best episode or anything, but I do enjoy the show when it gives flash backs. And I love Joy's character. Watching the last bit where Joy and Jesse were "kung fu fighting" cracked me up. It made this episode all worth it.
  • Not the best, but still pretty good.

    The episode was about a woman Earl met at her work place, nad they fell in love and started dating. This part of the episode was set in 1999,
    befor Earl and Joy were married, and joy was pregnant. Joy got Earl drunk and married him so she could pay for the baby. Earl's girlfriend Jesse finds Earl with Joy and finds out they are married, she threatens joy and Joy punches out her front teeth. I thought this was an okay episode it had some good jokes, and a more than a few laughs. Both of Joy's fight scenes were hilarious.

  • There's been better

    There's been better. I like inside references, though, and the first bounty offered was for "Hang Lange's escape". He was Earls friend from #18- Told an inappropriate story at Hank Lange's Birthday Party from episode "Monkeys in Space". So that was at least a nod to inside watchers.
  • Worst episode I have seen yet. More of a placeholder or a "very special episode" as we see Joy try to be truthful about things.

    Earl always had such great laughs at things and anytime Joy was doing something, I usually laughed because she is so crazy. In this episode though, they do not play her for laughs and she does nice things (telling the truth, crossing the girl off Earl's list, etc.). Jamie Pressley does not appear as comfortable when she is not being a smart-alec. The few times she gets to be smart (like when Randy asks her to play Mad Libs and she says "shut your mouth"), it was pretty good but they were few and far between. Juliette Lewis was just wrong for this part too. Other guests have fit well usually but they should have found her a better part.

    I was very disappointed.
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