My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 4

The Frank Factor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joy brings Earl a bunch of items because she still feels guilty. She brings him some TV magazines with dirty parts drawn on, and some knit socks. While talking, Frank recognizes them both. Frank is Dodge`s real father and knocked up Joy.

They sit together and talk. Joy and Frank had a one night stand and they did it and she got pregnant. Joy couldn`t track down Frank so she went around town looking for a sugar daddy to look after her and the baby.

Earl and Randy`s bad habits caught up with them at their parent`s house. To get rid of them, Carl Hickey used a coupon for fumigation while they were still in the house. The fumigation man warns them and they find a worn out couch to stay on until garbage day.

They find a posting for an apartment, and find Frank and Paco`s place. (The trailer where Joy and Darnell live) Paco is an illegal immigrant who is saving up money so he can bring his sweetheart (Catalina) from Mexico. He gets one side of the trailer, Frank gets the bedroom, and Randy and Earl get the kitchen. Frank also drives an El Camino which Earl later gets.

Frank works at the Crab Shack and gives them free beers. He wants the rent check by the end of the month, and meet Patty he hooker. She is with a Japanese client who has an expensive gold watch.

There is only one motel in Camden County, so Earl and Randy go to steal the watch. They bump into Frank and Paco, who were also planning to steal it. They sell the watch and divide the cash, minus Earl and Randy`s rent.

Earl and Randy plan to spend their money, while Frank and Paco spend theirs for guns. They plan to rob an Indian Casino. Earl and Randy want in and buy guns as well.

Joy has no lick with Tim Stack, who isn`t good father material. The gynecologist doesn`t want her either.

Darnell is in witness protection class, and has his fingerprints sanded off, but is told afterwards it is optional.

The plan is simple. Randy dresses up as an Indian and the other three take them hostage. Earl is nervous the day before the heist, and is seduced by Joy at the Crab Shack. They get married and Earl missed out on the big job. Randy is distracted by a TV show marathon and a hungover Earl finds out they missed the heist altogether.

Catalina and her mother dream of America, a place where they don`t have to be maids and clean other people`s places. A man shows them a crate they have to stay in. Its too small. The man says one will go to America and one will die and give her liver to the man`s sister. Catalina`s mother chokes her, but its Catalina who triumphs and is later shipped to America.

Back at the prison, Frank explains that the heist went out without a hitch. Since Randy didn`t show up, they kidnapped Howie Mandel who was there. They make him put a rubber glove on his bald head to be a chicken.

Meanwhile, Harry Monroe has now become Darnell Turner, and is let out of the van. Catalina approaches him in Spanish but its one of the few languages he does not speak.

Paco is driving the getaway van and sees Catalina. The van crashes with the FBI agent`s van, and they are caught. Howie Mandel flees.

Frank and Paco were sentenced to 20 years. Joy starts gloating about how she seduced Earl. If she didn`t seduce and marry him, he would have gone to jail for 20 years instead of 2. She says that Earl owes her 18 years and leaves with a hearty laugh.