My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 3

The Gangs of Camden County

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl is given another chance for a month off his sentence. He has to make peace between the Latino and Black gangs.

Randy is taught to be better dependent on himself. Joy gives him tough love so he`s less dependent on Earl. He wants to be closer to Earl, and his plan to steal a car to land in the same prison with her Earl doesn`t work.

Earl has two balls given to the gangs so they won`t fight, but the one gang takes both. Earl introduces multiple balls and they start playing angry dodgeball.

During a prison visit, Randy and Joy are fighting because of their difference. Earl makes Randy say something nice about Joy (her racd) and vice versa (he actually flushes more often). Earl decides to use this tactic with the gang leaders. Visiting time is cut short and Randy cannot share his snack cake with Earl, but sees Earl share it with Roy the prison guard. This gives him an idea to become a prison guard.

Jerry lets them use his office, and as soon Earl unplugs the security camera so they can say nice things they start kissing. Earl finds out they are in love.

A few months back they were both thrown in solitary together to settle things out. They fought at first but later fell in love, but had to pretend to hate each other because they are vicious gang leaders. Earl tells them to come clean but a big disagreement causes them to break up.

Randy does his prison guard test and scores 55. The teacher looks at him with a disapproving look.

The gangs start to fight even more so that the gang leaders can pretend to fight amongst the chaos and touch each other. The warden tells Earl to fix it.

Earl then starts making one gang leader miss the other. The Black gang leader refuses to go back to him. After Earl brings back the final break up message, the Latino gang member runs into the electric fence to kill himself. The black gang leader grabs a wooden stick to pry him off the fence, but is pretending to beat him. They make up and decide that they will have to settle for that they have, how little it is. Once a month, the warden gives them his office so they can `fight`, and Earl earns a month off his sentence.

Earl is in the yard and Randy joins him. He has scored the highest with a 55 and can now be with Earl.