My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 3

The Gangs of Camden County

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on NBC

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  • What Have They Done?

    Earl is offered a deal to receive a lesser sentence if he can resolve problems between rival gangs. But, he finds the task harder than he expected, as the leaders of the gangs are lovers. Meanwhile, Randy looks for ways to join Earl in prison. What have they done to this show, season one and season two were amazing but now...! It's went so silly, it really it painfull to watch. This episode has to be the worst episode I have ever seen in my life. They have just wrecked the whole show for me. After this episode, I have not watched another and I dont plan to either.
  • Two guys kiss! Gross!

    I have nothing against gay people, or actors pretending to be gay but this episode caught my wife and I off guard. The story is funny...sort-of. Let me explain. Earl is in prison, as you know, and the guy that played "Coach" is the prison leader guy. Now, prison leader guy is not the correct term for his position..ahh yes...the warden. The warden offers Earl time off his sentence if he can get the prison gangs to stop fighting. Earl does his best, and soon finds out that the two prison gang leaders turned gay after Earl gave them lots of balls and everything. His solution to stop the fighting is two give them lots of balls to play with, so that they don't fight over who has the one lonely ball. Speaking of lonely balls, the two dudes french kiss out of nowhere....and it's a close-up. It happens very quickly, and if your not used to seeing it on's pretty gross. To top it off Earl wants to get the heartbroken gay prison dudes back together, so he's sneaky about it. He rubs one guys sweaty shirt all over the other dudes pillow so that he will smell his lover all over it and miss him. Next he gives one guy a "push-up" ice cream, so that the other guy can become entranced by him licking it. Yeah....I know right.

    On a positive note...the scene about Randy's reaction time when told he is about to be smacked is hilarious.

    I guess this season just feels to different for me. It's in a prison, and now Randy is there as a guard, and it's losing it's core for me. It's still sometimes ridiculously hilarious, but I hope Earl gets out soon. My name is Matthew.
  • Hilarious concepts all around!

    This episode is fantastic, with so many funny moments from the prison time coupons, to Earl's suggestion about balls, to the bulk of the plot with the great plot twist. Coming out of nowhere, it was hilarious, and the breakup was quite funny, as was Earl's attempts at reuniting the gang leaders. It was a very funny plot, with great jokes spread throughout such as Roy and the warden.

    Perhaps even funnier is Randy's subplot where he becomes a guard, the 55% being the highest guard score ever being a great ending to the storyline. Randy trying to commit crimes was great as was the cop's reaction to his grafiti which prompted a punch in the face, and Randy studying.

    Overall, this is a fantastic episode and just because Earl is in jail it hasn't slowed the series down at all... yet.
  • Earl tries to get a lesser time sentence in prison. Randy tries to be a security guard to join his brother. Gang wars develope into a love story.

    First off, I'm not a huge fan of My Name Is Earl, I prefer NBC's other comedy shows like The Office and 30 Rock. But this is one special series and it's ideas are tough to tackle. The new season has begun with a bang and it's previous one-hour opener was great. This however exceeds that episode in every way. The reason I love this episode so much is because of Earl's ways to get things done. This time, he has to stop the African and Latino Gangs and then learns that two men from each gang are in a homosexual relationship. It's kind of hard to talk and laugh about something that serious on national television. But instead of making the episode dumb, the writers made the plot witty and hilarious. In other words, this is one great episode.
  • witty observations and heartfelt characters

    Another genuinely funny episode of the superbly funny and often innovative show. Again Earl proves that this is one series that deserves another season through witty observations and heartfelt character depictions. Continuing to fly in the face of political correctness, a brave portrayal of homosexual relationships behind bars is spoofed through amusing and wry writing. It is always refreshing see a stereotype challenged through a joke especially when the laughter is not directed at the subject matter but through it. Paraphrasing an episode quote, unlike Randy the show's creators certainly do not 'have the reactions of a snake in winter!'
  • Another awesome episode!

    This episode was brilliant. I was skeptical about how the writers would be able to have a story arc with Earl in prison and no karma list. But they did it!

    I loved the gay affair, only because it was somewhat cute that the two leaders of rival gangs had so much in common, so much so that they became lovers. And be glad that we saw this nice touch in prison life, as opposed to what *really* happens in such prisons.

    Was anyone else annoyed at the fact that every week Randy seemed to be getting dumber and dumber to the point where it wasn't funny anymore? I was, and I sure as heck glad that Randy decided to sit a prison guard test. The scene right at the end with Earl and Randy sitting together nearly brought a tear to my eye!

    But yeah, funny episode, hope the trend of excellent episodes continues.
  • Lots of fun.

    While the premise of this season is impossible, it's so much fun. I wasn't sure that Earl in prison was going to work with me. But, this episode proved to me that it could work. This episode was fun and funny. It had heart and humor. The gang members' relationship is silly but entertaining. Randy and Joy's relationship takes turn that's very sweet. And, of course Randy's reunion with Earl is the big pay-off.

    Craig T. Nelson's guest role as the bumbling warden is brilliant, and it sets up a way to get Earl out of prison.

    This episode has a lot of small jokes that add to the fun of this. The small things (the facial expressions on gang members faces, Randy's jealousy of Earl's guard friend, when Earl gets maced) all contribute to the overall enjoyment of the episode. But, of course, it's the big things that make the show so great. Earl moves away from his "list," but I think it shows a real development in Earl's character. He's branching out. While I don't want him to abandon his list, I like that the show is expanding.

    I look forward to the rest of the season.
  • Brilliant episode!

    Earl is still in jail and he is asked to make peace between two rival gangs in order to receive a lesser sentence.
    In his attempt to reconcile the two gangs, he discovers that the two leaders of each gang are having a secret affair. The reason the two gangs were fighting was because the two lovers wanted to spent some minutes together.
    Earl achieves to bring the two men together and at the same time he makes peace between the two gangs!
    Meanwhile Randy takes and passes the examination to be a Prison-guard so he can be together with Earl in jail!
    I loved this episode! 9.9 out of 10 !
  • Gang wars take on a new meaning ...

    Having been rewarded for his help in the last episode, the prison warden (played by Craig T. Nelson) rewards Earl with a week off his sentence. The warden also offers Earl the opportunity to reduce his sentence by a month further if he is able to resolve an ongoing gang dispute in the prison.

    What develops is a quite funny scenario in which we find out the two gang leaders are both actually in love with one another, after finding love when forced to spend solitary together.

    To me it seemed like the two actors were a little bit hesistant in their role but it wasn't really important since that's not really the point of the show.

    The episode developed well, and there was good set up for a number of jokes. It also set the trend for future episodes with karma rewarding Earl for solving disputes with time-off his sentence. It will be interesting to see how many more scenarios the writers can get out of it.

    All in all though a good episode.
  • This comedy is on a roll

    Excellent new season opener. Jason Lee and cast are hilarious in making prison life absurdly funny. The prison sequences make great fun of more serious prison dramas such as Prison Break and Oz. Once again, the writer's come through with a great storyline about a boy scout type that Earl had wronged as a child allowing Earl to cross another bad deed off of his list while in prison. Randy's cluelessness is both sad and funny as we see him camping out beyond the prison fence waiting for Earl to tell him what to do. Joy's expressions upon realizing that Earl has been Randy's keeper for years are priceless. One of the best comedies on TV.
  • Another great Earl episode

    I thought the second half of the season premere was better than the first. I liked that Sonny guy who could dissapear whenever he wanted. Hiding behind the fat guys was a brilliant idea haha. I also liked that crazy ex-boy scout guy. He really made the episode. I hope he comes in the show again sometime soon. I liked how he freaked out on Earl so much. And seeing the little flashback story of how he got into prison in the first place was really funny and fresh. And finally, Randy is becoming able to think for himself...With the help of Joy of course.