My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 1

The Magic Hour

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • For a Season Premiere this is very weak. For one where is the Amish lass?

    I have to admit that I found this episode not even mildly heart warming or amusing. Last season had problems and this episode starts not acknowledging any of that rather just getting back to basics. This irked me a little as we could have slotted this in anywhere in Season 1 or 2 minus the Seth Green cameo. It also doesn't acknowledge Randy's potential love interest in the Amish girl from the end of last season.

    The plot involves Earl in the past stealing a pony for a Make a Wish boys party. He was dieing of cancer back then but somehow has lasted 10 years to become Seth Green. Well, instead of the pony he wants to make a movie so Earl becomes his producer and the Camden town lot his actors. Randy is good in this episode as well as Seth Green himself but everybody else is just going through the motions. Darnell and Joy are just present and Earl, well he does his usual but you don't get a sense that Jason Lee is as enthusiastic anymore. Despite making a very professional looking film on a shoestring budget I wasn't convinced by others being inspired to do other things by it, it just felt shoehorned in. This is a weak season opener and doesn't even set anything up for coming episodes as the kid dies in the end. Over all I am disappointed :(
  • Absolutley brilliant, has a real meaning to it.

    I loved this episode it has been one the best I think, Seth Green gave a powerful performance and really got into his character I think, he is a brilliant actor in many ways.
    I loved Randy in this episode, who knew he was such a good actor.
    I have two favourite lines that come Randy-
    'We didn't land on plymouth rock, plymouth rock landed on us!'
    'Its puts the lotion on its skin and does as its told, put the lotion in the basket!'
    How he says the second one I couldn't help but laugh out loud.
    I think that the only real downfall to the ending is that buddy dies, but the episode hits a issue that many people don't want to talk about.
  • A solid return

    I didnt really care about Season 4 continuing from last season. I think a fresh start was needed so Im glad we went back to the list. Seth Green was great as Buddy but Im a bit sad he died at the end. At least we saw all the great yet slightly unrealistic dreams the others did in inspiration of Buddy.

    The movie prodction was hilarious as was the end result. Catalina was absolutely hilarious at the strip calub and who knew Randy was such a good actor. Seriously he was good. But how come Darnell didnt get any speaking lines?
  • One-hour Earl season premiere. Earl is back to focus on the list and gets a little help from "Awesome" Seth Green.

    The season premiere of Earl and it has Seth Green! Awesome! So Earl feels guilty about stealing wishes from a Make-A-Wish child a few years back so he goes to the house where the boy lived to return the pony he stole. Turns out the boy is still alive and doesn't want a pony, but wants Earl's help in making his movie, 2 The Max. Earl and Seth Green's character, Buddy, do a really good job at getting together the cast, including Randy who turns out to be a really good actor. After several storm offs because Buddy didn't like the acting, all of the actor's quit and leave it to Earl and Buddy to finish the movie. Turns out Buddy was only going to get treatments for his cancer. Buddy was able to get the movie premiered and Earl was able to get everyone to attend, but Buddy died before the premiere, but Buddy's mother comes to the premiere with the movie that Buddy had finished before he died. So Earl was able to cross "Stole Pony from Make-A-Wish kid" off his list, he helped Buddy do better things.
  • Earl helps Buddy make a movie.

    After a third season that deviated from the show's premise Earl seems to be track on with a fine episode here. Family Guy and Robot Chicken's Seth Green was hilarious here with his egotistical attitude and constant usage of the catchphrase "awesome". Fan favorite Randy was on his A game as well. It's a rarity that a character so dense can have such longevity, but this poor man's Cosmo Kramer has caught on with the NBC audience.

    The storyline was not very original, but My Name Is Earl managed to provide an entertaining half hour here. Earl is not the most complex program on television yet they manage to excel with a seemingly basic format. The trailer park trash gags may be growing a little tiresome but the show as a whole is still fairly fresh in its fourth year.