My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 16

The Professor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Earl discovers that until he solves his Karma problem, he would not be able to find a steady girl to live with, even if he falls for a complete oposite.

    Earl, Eral, Earl. One begins to wonder if this Karma Journey will ever become dull and routinary, but "My Name is Earl" writters sure know how to add a twist every epesido or so. This time Earl is trying to cross out of his list a laptop he stole from a car. Only this time, on his way back to the college where the profesor who owns the PC, he screws a bus stop sign, adding another item to his list. The problem is that he keeps this one on hold until he gives the laptop back. Little did he know that karma will punish him for this and it shows when he discovers that the proffesor who owns the laptop is actually a gorgeous and intelligent lady. What makes this episode so unique is that we actually see another side of Earl, a guy who can fall for a girl and a girl who can fall for Earl, even if they are complete opposites. Also, this time the karma that slays Earl is sooo funny. This is one of my favorite episodes on season one.
  • Earl tries to replce his list with a date

    I have no idea why Channel 7 is screwing with the order of episodes (1-2-9-8-4-16) but I'm glad they at least showed this episode because it is already one of my favourites.

    The way Earl acts around smart people is hilarious (he never does understand that silent k) and Randy in the fraternity has plenty of priceless moments.

    Karma becoming the enemy of Earl because he didn't fix the bus stop is very entertaining and Earl's speech is just as good.

    Whether it be the free stuff the guys get when another tenant dies or the screensaver confusion, there is no time in this episode where I wasn't laughing.
  • I play the waiter who offers Earl some free shrimp kabobs. What a moment!

    Another great installment that is quickly establishing this show as a solid sitcom at a time when the genre is in dire need in showing relevance and life on the television landscape. Great ensemble cast and solid, sharp, intelligent direction support excellent writing that doesn't dumb-down its audience. So far, the guest stars have fit in well and Christine Taylor is no exception. She had great chemistry with "Earl" and didn't stick out as some "star" trying to cash in on a the hit-of-the-moment. The moral fiber of the show is presented with such wonderful comic flare, that it makes us all wince just a little bit more when we do something that just might come back to haunt us.
  • Poor Earl will he never find happiness?

    A possible romance was on the horizon for the hero of our tale, unfortunately he didn't get his date as karma is aganst him.

    Yet another hilariuos episode of karma madness invloving Randy, Earl and a fraternity.

    A beautiful intelligent proffessor, who is a girl likes Earl, however Karma keeps on telling him that he doesn't deserve such a beautiful girl and that instead he should be fixing a bus stop.

    Meanwhile Randy enroles at a frat house and starts changing the rules involving the big paddle.
  • Earl crosses another one off the list but this time it involves a professor

    This has been the best episode so far...the humour, timing and sense of slapstick was superb...congratulations to all...Earl goes from Strength to strength and I know that British audiences are loving it over here. I have been an avid fan since the beginning and I am impressed how they keep the concept fresh and I said, congrats to all
  • Karma’s gonna get ya!

    This week sees Earl returning a laptop he stole to its owner – A university professor. This is awkward for Earl, as he’s uncomfortable around smart people. This becomes even harder when the professor turns out to be female! And an attractive one at that. However Professor Alex is intrigued by Earls story, and newfound belief in karma that she invites him to speak in front of her class. It’s a success and a friendship between the two begins to form. But Earl suffers the wrath of karma when he ignores his list in order to spend more time with Alex. Blows to the head, bird poop and bee stings plague Earl until he turns his focus back to the list. I found this episode to be enjoyable and I like that Earl is serious enough about his new life that he is willing to give up things that he wants in order to pursue it. That said I do hope that Alex will make a return later on. They actually made quite a cute couple. A fine episode.
  • This is a great episode, very very funny, smart and you get even some romance that the show was lacking! SPOILER ALERT ABOUT THIS EP IN THIS REVIEW

    This is really a great episode, and it has exactly everything that makes you like this show. The humour is funny, smart and brilliant! The scene at the motel with the officer is perfect, really. Randy is awesome in this one, he recalled me about Animal House. The flashbacks of Earl past problems with smart people are just splendid, and i couldn't stop laughing seeing how the two brothers were amazed by the laptop Earl stoled and it's screensaver.
    The irony about college students is sharp and funny, and the scene of Earl talking to the during a class could be a real masterpiece in a comedy movie!
  • Earl gets a girl...well...sorta.

    I thought this episode would have taken a different course, by having Alex interest in Earl be mainly as a test subject on human behaviour or whatever....but I like the route it took instead.

    Earl attracts a intelligent and cultured woman, and I do hope the writers bring her back later in the series.

    Overall, another great installment.

  • Trying to return a laptop to enable Earl to cross another bad deed off his list.

    This episode was very good ,my favorite part is when Randy gets hooked up with the fraternity brothers. During the inisiation they were going to paddle Randy's' butt Randy says hit me with that I'll have to hurt you back .Why do you have to pick on people that never did you any harm and why don't you paddle the guys that hit you before? Next thing you know ...all the frat brothers are beating the heck out of each other.
  • This show is so cool, I thought it was great! That should say it all.

    Way Cool, great, funny, LOL, have not seen a show this cool sence the 90's this has to be one of the funniest sitcoms in a long time. O Also if you get the chance to see this show I highly adviz you to do so asap. PS, have fun!
  • Earl fights Karma in an annoyance battle while Randy pledges a Frat. A fun episode.

    This was a great ep that was not about a thing on his list in particular, but a reminer as to why he has to cotinue his quest. He also learns that his quest isnt a dream of an idiot but a very spiritual and philosphically deep one.

    Randy comes off charming as always when he gets distracted on a campus by the charms of goofing off all the time at a frat.

    Al things said, this was a better than average episode that will come to be the benchmark the writers will set when the need to refreh the show comes into play.