My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 23

The Trial

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Joy!!!

    I think I dispise joy because of letting poor earl go to jail.Just beacause of stealing a truck joy.Doesn"t mean you have to put poor earl in jail.I wish the judge would let Earl go.Maybe in the next season Earl and Joy tell the truth.(Please Police)I want to see what happens in the next!
  • With The Trial, My Name Is Earl really comes into its own, blossoming from a consistently funny sitcom to a truly brilliant television series.

    For its first season and a half or so, My Name is Earl was great. Episodes were fun, and the characters were likeable. But just when the show seemed to be headed towards ongoing formulaicness, things started happening. Overarching storylines became more and more important, characters started really developing and changing. By the time "The Trial" came, we'd learned new, surprising, and wonderful things about the characters, and they'd really become multidimensional- far more than the simple stereotypes they could have easily been. This season two finale really captured all of what elevated Earl to a new level- yes, it's funny, with the same great humor that's been consistent all throughout the series. But the episode was surprisingly touching as well, hitting an emotional core not completely realized by the series until that point.

    The season ended with a shocker (spoiler): Earl is in jail, presumably for a long time, and his list is in total jeopardy. The act itself was surprising, and very touching considering Earl sacrificed himself for Joy, and best of all there isn't anyone outside the show that can have any clue as to how season three is going to handle it. But with great episodes like "The Trial," a deft blend of comedy and even drama, it's hard not to have faith in the showrunners that Earl will continue to be one of the best shows on TV.
  • Heart warming. A roller coaster of emotions.

    This episode was more than heart warming, it was almost a reminder that we all have to sacrifice things sometimes for the greater good.

    Earl and Joy's lawyer wasn't that odd, but it did get a little freaky toward the end. I liked the idea of Earl finding someone in general. Darnell and his children struggling was a low but when it sorts itself out it all becomes part of the bigger picture.Earl's sacrifice.

    Overall this episode had me feeling ups and downs from start to finish. It doesn't end on a high note but it does leave you wanting more instantly which is so fantastic as a viewer.
    Of course there are tonnes of laughs ala Earl style and I can't wait for the next season which I hope is later this year or early next year.
  • Earl pays a big sacrifice

    In order to complete item #273 on the list, "Kept myself from being an adult," Earl and Randy move out of the hotel and into an apartment. Despite this step, Earl still feels that something is missing in his life.

    Joy has been apprehended in Mexico and returned to Camden, where she is being kept in jail until her trial. On the advice of her lawyer, Joy asks Earl to track down some character witnesses for her. Earl stops off at Joy's trailer, finding Darnell in pitiful shape. Joy's absence has left him depressed, helpless, and unable to control the children.

    Seeing Crabman in this state causes Earl to realize that his own life is incomplete without a woman. Earl calls his former girlfriend Alex (from the season 1 episode "The Professor"), but discovers that she is now married.

    On his quest for character witnesses, Earl is unable to locate anyone who has anything good to say about Joy, and goes to visit Joy's lawyer to deliver the bad news. The moment Earl sets eyes on Joy's lawyer, Ruby, he falls in love with her. Ruby is smitten with Earl as well, and after learning of the list and how Earl has changed his life, Ruby decides that Earl would be an ideal character witness for Joy.

    Earl and Ruby go out on a date and end up sleeping together. As they lie together in bed, Ruby reads through Earl's list, and discovers that she is on it. Earl realizes to his horror that she is the deaf girl whose apartment he and Randy had previously robbed. Ruby ignores his apologies and storms out.

    At the trial, the case is going badly for Joy, but Ruby manages to discredit all the evidence. With the trial resting on Joy's character, Earl testifies earnestly and seems to have won over the jury. However, the prosecutor responds by playing tapes of Earl's own distress calls to the emergency services, fearing for his life from Joy's alarmingly violent behavior.

    The testimony is damning, and Earl realizes that Joy will be convicted based on his own words. Realizing also how Darnell and the children will suffer if Joy is sent away, Earl decides to do something truly adult and confesses to stealing the truck, taking the rap for Joy. Ruby is greatly impressed at Earl's selfless action. The judge is impressed as well, but because Earl waited so long to "confess," he sentences Earl to two years in prison. After receiving a sincere expression of thanks from Joy, Earl is escorted from the courtroom.

    As Earl is being processed as a new inmate, he reflects on how he has now become an adult, but has sacrificed everything in the process. Wearing prison blues, he is led to his cell, where he discovers that his cell mate is his friend, Ralph.
  • Oh my gosh :) A great way of ending the 2nd Season of the show! Couldn't have been much more better in my oppinion!

    It was a perfect episode! Nothing could've been better!
    Earl has got his new job as a Salesman, and also his new appartment... Everything in this episode is hillariously funny :D... Except for the end, which I think was pretty sad :/

    Joy got caught in Mexico at a diner, and Earl is going to be one of the whitnesses at her upcoming Trial. Earl hooks up with Joy's deaf loiar, and after they've slept together she finds something on the list which doesn't make her that happy. He He... :) Back in the days Earl and Randy heard that there was an deaf lady living in Camden County, and they thought that it couldn't be hard to break-in to her appartment and steal some things, and so they did... She starts to dislike him, but at the end things become better between them... Well at the trial everything looks surprising for a start, but at the end things starts to look very bad for Joy, as the prosecute plays a couple of tapes in the court, of Earl calling the police when Joy's done something...

    At the end, Earl tells everyone that he was the one who did it! That he was the one who stole the truck. The judge sentences him to 2 years in prison.
    And he have to give up everything he had, his appartment, his job, his car.... Yeah everything he owns! Did I miss something? Oh yeah.... The list!
  • My Name is Earl does a twist that nobody could see coming!

    This episode is a fantastic season finale and while it isn't quite as good as the first season's, there are certainly a lot of hilarious moments.

    "I may be a deaf lady", the walkie talkies, the translator, Earl's date, Randy following Earl in the court, the tape of Earl's phone call and Crabman's depression are all fantastic moments in this episode leading up to the great unexpected ending, with Earl's eye twitching from stress again and the flashbacks, leading to an even bigger twist where instead of serving time between seasons, he's inprisoned for two years, with Ralph as his cellmate.

    Overall, this episode is fantastic and one that will certainly be considered a pivotal moment in My Name Is Earl's history, regardless of what happens next season.
  • Just awesome!

    A great way to end the season to one of the only worth watching tv shows right now (in my opinion). Jason Lee is a great actor and this episode really shines as one of the best in the series. Great comedy and a really "good" ending.

    This serie really blends humor and heart in a good way. At first when watching it I didn't know what to expect but as the show went on it was interesting to follow the lives of these people. I really can't wait for season 3, which will hopefully be made. Bring it! .
  • Perfect

    If there is such a thing as a perfect episode of any show, this episode would be it! Well written, great plot development, excellent acting, and an exciting set-up for next season. This episode makes you laugh, cry, and think all at once, and you can't ask for much more from a TV sitcom.
  • Awsome

    Another great Earl episode. I really liked this as a season finale, I dont think that they could do anything better with this. Joy faces life in prison, and Earl finishes his list, but then he sacrifices himself to save Joy from life long inprisonment. This is the turning point for the series, Earl is done with his list, and karma has yet one more challange for him by putting him in jail. Really interesting ending. I cant wait to see what will happen next. I hope the new season reveals alot about the characters. I also liked the deaf lawyer, the chinese translator, and the english translator, that was awsome and original! A great season finale

    This episode was absolutely hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing from the start until the end!

    A quick summary of this episode: Earl has it all - a GED, a job, a new apartment - and now with his new, unlikely love interest, Earl is finally an adult. Nothing can stop Earl on his road to maturity - except, of course, Earl himself. Joy, on the other hand, puts her future in the hands of her lawyer as her trial finally arrives. Earl commits the ultimate good deed to help Joy, but ends up sacrificing everything. Earl's shocking testimony saves Joy from jail but puts him inside!

    The guest stars in this episode just added to the humor, and every single member of the cast did a stellar job with this well written episode. A grand finale to Season Two!
  • Outstanding. These are the things I watch TV for...

    My favorite thing about My Name Is Earl since day one isn't the comedy, though it is hilarious. It's the heartwarming sentiment in the episode, that brings people together, without looking cheesy. And they did it so well all the way through Season 1. Season 2 however was a little mixed, with more family and friend elements taking precidence. Which I suppose, is good, as it allows the series to run longer, but it felt lacking in Earl's human compassion in some places. This finale, is pure gold. I'm not going to give away what happens, but it is everything that has been waiting to happen for a while now, and it's a completely bittersweet ending. This is probably the best episode of the season, by far. Bring on season 3!