My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 23

The Trial

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Earl talks to Catalina, she says "Gracias por ver nuestro programa. Los vamos a extranar este verano. ?No te paece comico que Earl piensa que yo le estoy diciendo cuanto yo odio a joy pero en realidad le estoy diciendo cuanto los quiero?"

      This roughly translates to:

      Thank you for watching our program. We're going to miss you this summer. Don't you think it is funny that Earl thinks I'm telling you how much I hate Joy but in reality I'm saying what ever I want?

    • When the tape with Earl's phone calls is played, during a montage of Earl, Darnell, Joy and the others, all listening to the tape and growing concerned, one of those people is Ruby, but Nescobar and the Chinese woman are not translating anything for her and being deaf, she can't hear a thing.

    • The card Earl shows Ruby after "hanky panky" (as Earl put it) actually asked if she has read Tolstoy.

    • Featured Music:
      "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger
      "Baba O'Riley" by The Who
      "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals
      "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" by The Rolling Stones

    • (Re-)Introduced and crossed off in this episode

      #33 Been a lazy lover.
      #273 Kept myself from being an adult.
      #273C Move out of the motel.
      (Previously introduced in episode "G.E.D.")

      Also, while the number and exact wording are unknown, the list item Ruby discovered was probably something along the lines of "Robbed a deaf woman."

    • The Chinese guy who took over Earl and Randy's motel room is the same as in the season final of the first season. He's also standing at the exact same place (next to the door of the bathroom). As to point that out, when Earl comes back in the room, the guy says: "It happens every year!"

      The Chinese guy is the same actor, the kids are different - according to the audio commentary the actors wanted too much money, which is why the kids wear scuba masks to hide their faces.

    • The scene where Dog the bounty hunter arrests Joy in Mexico is ironic. In reality Dog once did crossover the Mexican border to arrest someone and the Mexican authorities tried to have him extradited back to Mexico because in Mexico bounty-hunting is illegal.

    • The person who arrests Joy in Mexico is Duane "Dog" Chapman, a professional Bounty Hunter and star of Dog The Bounty Hunter.

    • The song playing at the end of the episode is House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals.

    • During the translation scene in the courtoom, it beggers belief that the Chinese woman is fluent in American Sign Language but can't speak rudimentary English, when ASL is based on that tongue.

  • Quotes

    • Judge Miller: Mr. Hickey, it showed guts to step up and not let an innocent woman go to jail. But waiting this long to do it, shows that you're a piece of trash.

    • (Earl is about to be placed in his prison cell)
      Earl: I had finally become an adult, only to have everything taken away.

    • Earl: Do you have any last minute advice before I take the stand?
      Ruby: Yes, pretend you're not an ass.

    • Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop: We will prove Joy Turner is guilty. (Commotion ensues) My bad. Not guilty!

    • Earl: This was it. The big day. Joy's trial. And with her facing the possibility of her going away for life, I wanted to make sure the jury had a really good view of Darnell's droopy hair and the kids' sad little faces.

    • Earl: Randy, I need your help.
      Randy: Shhh! You're gonna wake them up! This is the first time they've slept in 3 days.
      Earl: He's getting ice cream on the carpet!
      Randy: Touch them and you die. Sorry, I'm a little frazzled.

    • Lulu: I haven't seen her in a few years. Last time she was here, she drank too much cherry wine and had a threesome with my parents.

    • Randy: So it's not fun, huh?
      Inmate: It's lonely in Solitary. I miss my cell mate.
      Randy: Why'd they put you in Solitary?
      Inmate: I killed my cell mate.

    • Joy: Earl, get your ass down to the jail right now! There's about to be a race riot and me and the baby are on different sides.

    • Earl: Me and Randy had just moved in to our apartment and were having breakfast.
      Randy: Man, everyone here is so friendly. I even got some helpful advice from one of our neighbors last night - When I go out looking for an ice machine, I should put on pants. Oh, and there is no ice machine.

    • Randy: The dresser, the bedspread, the lamp, the television, the telephone ...
      Earl: Randy was pointing out all of the things he was going to miss at the hotel, cause it was our last night there. We were moving.
      Randy: The vending machine that takes buttons, Paul the sleepwalker guy from downstairs.
      Earl: Yeah, I'm gonna miss Paul, too. We've had some good times here. Except the gas leak. That was kinda scary.
      Randy: Wasn't that bad. We slept through most of it.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: U soudu (In Court)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: November 25, 2009 on Prima COOL

    • According to the audio commentary, the James Bond song "Live And Let Die" was going to be playing at the end of the episode instead of "House of the Rising Sun", but some people weren't crazy about it and it was changed.

    • According to the audio commentary, instead of the kids putting M&M's up Randy's nose, they were going to shave his head. But Ethan didn't want his head shaved and a bald cap would have looked cheap.

    • When creator Greg Garcia first saw the episode, he had thought Randy's line "touch them and you die" had been digitally done, but it wasn't - it's all Ethan.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series.

  • Allusions

    • Intervention

      Tim Stack at the 'Crab Shack' says he is going to be on a reality show called 'Intervention.'

      INTERVENTION profiles people who are losing the battle with their addictions, and whose friends and families feel the only remaining option is to hold an intervention.

      Each documentary follows the lives of these addicts, taking an unflinching look at the impact of their addictions on their everyday lives, all the while the addicts are unaware that an intervention is being planned.

      Each airing ends with the friends, family and a professional interventionist urging the addict to get treatment. If the individual should choose treatment, the addict immediately enters a widely respected treatment facility.