My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 20

Two Balls, Two Strikes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Earl tries to write off Little Chubby who has taken over for his father after his death, because a kick in the nuts changed him from a nasty person to a good person. But helping him makes him revert back, so Earl is in a quandry

    This is a very funny episode that is atypical of the series. Very off the wall humor mixed with genuinely touching humanity. Norm MacDonald is little Chubby the son of Richard Chubby, played by Burt Reynolds in an earlier episode.MacDonalds not usually my cup of tea, but he does a brillantly funny imitation of Reynolds. There is a very effective use of Lynard Skynards 'Freebird' in this episode. Joy is less annoying than usual and even somewhat sympathetic here. And Randy has some funny moments when he goes on stage at Club Chubby to check out the new heated pole(He even gets offered a phone number!) This is just a terrific all around episode, among the more memorable episodes from Season 2.
  • Clean, good music, and very funny. Good episode.

    Loved this show, was a good one tonight. The thing that hit me the most though was the way the music come into it. But i have one question to ask...who sings the song and whats the name of it when earl almost got hit in the cruch when he was tied up but the bad guy to the hit...who sings that song? I loved it and the way it was played. Awesome show!
  • I am not a huge fan of Norm, but he did a great impression of Burt Reynolds. Everytime he did the quick laugh, I started laughing my a$$ off. He had Burt down to a T.

    Norm McDonald was not one of my favorite SNL regulars, but his Burt Reynolds immitation was just hilarious. He did an outstanding job of immitating Burt, he even had the look down too. Hahahahaha. Everytime I think about that quick Burt Reynolds laugh of his, I start busting out laughing. Well done Norm. Hope to see you again in later episodes.
  • Two wrongs make a right

    Much like Made a Lady think I was God, this episode proves that occasionally Earl's bad actions affect people in a positive way and Little Chubby being cruel to Joy and Earl getting his revenge actually causes him to become nice. Of course when he tries to make amends, Little Chubby goes back to his regular self now that he has testosterone overload.

    As you can tell, this episode was plotted very well and provides a lot of hilarious moments, such as Big Chubby's cause of death, Joy's priorities when it comes to LC shooting at the kids, and many more terrific moments.

    Overall, MNIE has had episodes a lot funnier than this one but it is still a great and memorable one from the second season.
  • A new episode at last, boy I'm getting sick of massive mid season breaks..

    Well, like I just said, it was good to see a new episode for once, it's been a while, I dunno why they keep doing these huge breaks in the US at the moment but oh well, on with the episode.

    This episode was pretty good, above average, I'd say, was good to see little chubby being a good person but im not sure how that will change things in Camden County, possibly will make them better, for Catilina at least. I do, of course, have a couple of complaints about this episode..

    This show follows a formula.. It's SO formulaic that i am getting sick of the whole thing! I know a lot of people like it because they know it's always gonna be funny, and it usually is, but i mean you could literally write a base script and just fill in a few characters names and a different list item every week. I'm really kinda hoping they will shake it up a bit, do something that's a little more interesting than Earl being an inbred hick who's trying to fix his life. It's a nobel concept but im over every episode being identical to the last. 8.6/10
  • Earl sings "Freebird" to comfort Norm McDonald or Patrick Warburton or Burt Reynolds- whoever- while he gets his sack drained. If that doesn't hook you, you're watching the wrong t.v.

    I only catch "MNIE" sporadically, and I just flopped into the chair and turned this one on about 10 minutes in. I really didn't have to catch up- like the Simpsons, it doesn't matter if you walk in in the middle or see from the git-go, the damn sight gags and lines had me dancing because I should have peed before I sat down. I've probably seen all of 10 episodes and a couple of them were re-runs, and a couple were pretty slow, but this one was a paint peeler. I didn't 10 it because if they can be this funny, there's a good possibility they will top this, tho I don't see how. I don't know where Burt himself went, but Norm McDonald might b a case of the sub being better than the real thing. I'm sitting here giggling like an ass just thinking about the Patrick Warburton attitude and, OK, it was a bad week to be shooting guns on tv because of Va. Tech, but the guy was that big a schmuck, how better to illustrate it? I'll take the slow episodes no complaint because every once in a while you get one like this.
  • Pretty good episode

    Although we must now mourn the loss of Burt Reynolds' character "Chubby", hopefully we'll see more of Norm MacDonald as "Little Chubby". Norm has always done a hilarious impression of Reynolds, and his character here is very funny.

    The storyline is a bit weak this episode, but it made up for it in laughs. I'm glad that Joy will finally be having the baby, because it's getting a bit annoying with them writing in flashbacks that all have to do with her being pregnant. But I did love when LC told her he always wanted to do it with a pregnant chick!

    I was happy to see some more of Catalina again this episode, as she hasn't been around much lately, and although she's beautiful, I also think she gets some very funny lines. There wasn't much Randy in this episode, though.

    No surprise that LC would turn back into a jerk after being helped by Earl, but a happy ending was achieved, and Earl was able to cross off another item on his list.

    Two more episodes left this season!
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