My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 5

Van Hickey

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl must do number 50, which is make amends to Tom. Tom is an older man who was supposed to be their leading man in their makeshift band, Phish Tako. While at a drive thru, the radio played background music while Randy did drums on the dashboard. The drive thru guy said they were good so they formed a band.

At the old folk's home, Tom agrees to be in the band again, since he missed out on it last time. The band kicked Tom out because he was old and was cramping their style. Earl and Randy get Ralph, who was also in the band.

At the motel, Tom reads out number 51 because he has trouble sleeping. He mentions "Slept with Ralph's Mom". Ralph cannot believe the betrayal and leaves.

Earl remember that night. After their gig, Earl and the rest of the band brought home three chicks to Ralph's house. Randy got to go with one, Ralph got his too, but Earl's chick was passed out. Earl had too much leftover energy and need to have sex, and Ralph's mom offered. Earl was drunk and he had sex with Ralph's mom.

Earl finds Ralph at the Crab Shack and offers his apology. Ralph says its fine, he will simply give Earl 24 hours to run away, and then Ralph will come after him and kill him.

Tom is later then shafted again because of this new problem. Earl asks if there is any other way that they can make it up to him, and he says no. He wants to be in a band so he can have sex and re-live a memory he never got.

The 24 hours is up, and Ralph is ready to kill Earl with his gun. Earl mentions that he loves Ralph's mom and that he would marry her but the time wasn't right.

Earl is then married to Ralph's mom. He lives with them and life is pretty good. He gets home cooked meals and gets family time. But Ralph's mom wants him to have sex again, and Earl doesn't want to.

Ralph confronts Earl again, saying if he doesn't do his mom he'll kill him. Earl says fine, but no more death threats after this.

Earl gets the band together again, this time with Tom. They perform their songs, and after Earl decides to get really drunk so he can have sex with Ralph's mom. He goes home, and finds that Tom has beaten him to it. Turns out, groupies love the leading man more and Tom eyed Ralph's mom. So Tom becomes Ralph's new stepfather and marries his mother, and Ralph get the father figure he never had.

Earl can annul the marriage and cross both of them off his list.
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