My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 5

Van Hickey

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • funniest episode to date. The Story twists and turns perfectly. It maintainns a level of silliness but not at the expense of the plot or the dialogue.

    I want to say right off the bat that if there is anyone who has seen this epsiode and not liked it they can't call themselves My Name Is Earl fans. This episode is exactly what Earl is all about; the crazy characters (Ralph), the long running jokes (Randy allways livig with Earl), and the raunchy humor (Earl going all the way with Ralph's mom) blend perfectly into a humor packed 1/2 an hour. The maniac friend of Earl's, Ralph, is given a bigger role in this episode which is good because no one else would have been believeable in telling earl that he was going to kill him. The scene where Ralph is preparing to attempt to seduce Earl's mom will go down as one of my favorite television moments of the year. Great Episode
  • Earl's shortlived band causes complications on his list

    This episode is brilliant and hilarious, both list items being introduced in a classic Earl fashion, having an old guy join the band only to be kicked out before their first and only gig and the same old guy letting slip that Earl slept with another band member's mother while reading the list.

    Ralph is a great character and this episode is no exception with brilliant moments such as him threatening to kill Earl and then forcing him down the aisle and then forcing him to hook up with his mum again.

    Once again, My Name is Earl proves to be one of the funniest shows on television.
  • Earl tries to make amends with Tom (number 50), the older man they let be the lead singer in his band but then kicked out before their first performance. While trying to arrange a reunion show Earl must also deal with Number 51, "Slept with Ralph's m

    This episode was extra hilarious with the return of Ralph, one of Earl's friends. Ralph is the perfect example of a crazy redneck, who also like to hang out in tiger print bikini underwear. He is so clever, but never really thinks things through completely leading to eventual disaster.

    I like that such a silly show makes me think. I honestly was wondering through the episode, "How is Earl going to get seperated from Ralph's mom?" The eventual outcome was not only funny, but also somewhat sweet in that Ralph gets the father figure he always wanted and his mother gets the husband she has been wishing for.

    Definitley worth watching again.
  • Ralpho is back in the gang. Earl gets an old man to front a band and tries to rectify sleeping with Ralphs mom.

    I think season 2 of My Name is Earl is getting full of too much sex. But other than the sleazy part of the episode when Ralph tries to sleep with Earl\'s mom it was a good episode.

    Always great to see this character. An endearing criminal. But hated when the writers had him try to sleep with Earl's mom.

    Earl's list:
    Nice double whammy with the old man and Ralph\'s mom. In true My Name is Earl fashion the two things come togethere in the end.

    Phish Tahko:
    The old man was great, I remember him from Friends as the creepy neighbour.

    Good episode with a nice ending. Missed Joy though.
  • Some hilarious lines underscore the show's great writing.

    This is the funniest episode of My Name is Earl to date. I'm glad the focus returns to Earl's list, and the ongoing subplot concerning Joy's legal troubles is downplayed.

    There is a disturbing proliferation of scenes in which Ralph is wearing little more than a speedo. Despite that, Giovanni Ribisi turns in another entertaining performance.

    Otherwise, though, the two plots/list items are woven together well, and their ultimate convergence provides a good laugh. Earl is able to kill two birds with one stone, as it were, by introducing Ralph's mom and Tom to each other. This format reminds me of the elaborate interlacing of subplots in Seinfeld.

    Great episode!
  • One of the best episode imho of this series!

    Maybe i found this episode so good because i was quite annoyed by the previous two (the one with the freaks and the one with all the kitties). But let's face the truth, in this episode we have a recurring star (Giovanni Ribisi), who's a great actor, and his character in Earl (Ralph) gives lots of comedic situation to the plot.
    I really love complicated plot lines, where you start expecting a certain development and then you find out the real issue comes from another character (a typical situation you would find in an episode of the Simpsons, where the initial situation is just an excuse to arrive to the real subject).
    I'll admit the end was almost taken for granted, but then again i really enjoyed this episode, i found it funny, intriguing, brilliant and sharp.
    I think this episode is one of the best, if not THE best, for "My name is Earl".