My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 10

White Lie Christmas

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • Only Earl could ruin Christmas that bad... or maybe not

    This episode was yet another great episode of Earl, all of the lies piling on top of themselves as the episode progressed as we find out Joy's mother sent her parents broke, Joy's father has a second family, Catalina is an illegal immigrant and that Joy's parents think Earl's still their son-in-law home from Iraq.

    All of these lies are very entertaining and Darnell's reactions were very amusing throughout the episode and we realise that even though Christmas Eve was ruined, Christmas Day remained okay, meaning Joy had a christmas that wasn't just gifts of condoms or lost keys which is a satisfying ending to an episode with a lot of twists.
  • One Lie, Becomes Your Life

    In this episode we learn alot of people in Joy's family and Joy herself lie alot. Like when Joy told her parents that Crabman's son was Earl just a back words abiono thats one of the funniest things ive ever heard. Also, with Joy's mom not being handicapped and her having a gambling problem and sells Earls car that was great. So in this ep. we learn that it is never write to lie which is a great morel.
  • Many Lies

    Great episode:

    Pretending to your parents that your still married to your ex husband, so they would not find out that your now married to a black man.....typical episode for My Name is Earl.....but they do it so well, you can only laugh.

    Somewhere down the line I see Earl and Joy getting back together, although they were married before and he messed her life up, which is why her name is on the list so many times, but she pops up too often and I have a gut feeling.

    It was fun seeing the entire family have secrets being kept from each other, they should go on Maury or Jerry Springer.

    Overall, great episode.
  • Great episode

    It was very nostalgic to see Blake Clark in the trailer park again (for those of you who don't know, he and Ethan Suplee both played trailer park residents on Boy Meets World back in the day). My favorite part had to be when Joy found out that her dad didn't hate black people, but that he was just trying to prevent her from dating her half-brother. Can you get more white-trash than that!? Really a great episode.
  • funny

    really funny i liked it because it was funny i dont know why i am writting this i just want to watch the epasode so i have to write some nonsence thingy i think so i am talking to my self just making more owrds so i can watch the epasode like the rest of u!
  • It wouldn't be Christmas without the fighting.

    I think this episode was extra cool. Earl really was doing a great thing winning the car for Joy, and trying to make ammends to the kids for the previously ruined bikes.
    But does it really count against his karma list if he delegates something to his brother?
    It was Randy that won the car, not Earl. I mean sure, Randy gave the car to Earl, who then gave it to Joy/Darnell...
    But doesn't the act of using Rndy like that generate it's own negative karma for him? or was that already thought of by the writers, and explain why even though he was trying to give the car to Joy, it still went down the tubes.

    And is Joy EVER going to forgive Earl, and just get on with her life? I mean come on, she is only decent to him when he is doing something for her she wants, and she rarely does anything decent for him without big thick strings.
    I dunno, I know my ex-wife probably wouldn't be so interested in forgiving me, or doing anything nice for me, so why should Joy do anything for Earl.

    It is a don't miss episode, and if you did, catch the re-run...
    Butler was beyond hillarious (Don't judge me)...
  • Christmas, Earl Style.

    White Lie Christmas is the first Christmas episode of My Name is Earl and it’s already a Holiday classic.

    Every year before this Christmas, Earl has ruined it for Joy by giving her less then stellar gifts. So this year he plans to make things right and cross that one of the list. Things go wrong and mistakes are made and it looks as though it’s going to be another Holiday disaster. Thankfully, thanks to the kids, everyone gets in the Holiday cheer.

    New characters are introduced this episode; Joy’s parents. Her mother is in a wheel-chair but Earl later finds out she’s really ok and has a gambling addiction. She takes the car that is a present for Joy and that Randy worked hard to win. After losing it at the casino, she admits her problem. The best line in the episode comes because of this; “don’t judge me!” This episode has some new background information on Catalina as well. She’s not a legal US citizen.

    All and all, a great episode that isn’t as funny as the previous ones but shows more cheer and Holiday spirit.
  • Another great Episode

    Great Episode very funny, love how they keep adding more about Earls life and his Extended family. I do have a question though about Joy\'s Mother(brett butler) I\'m sure I\'m mistaken but I seem to remember in Episode 6, Joy\'s fancy figurine didn\'t they say her mom was dead from smoking.
  • Christmas just isn't the same in a double wide.

    this was one of the better christmas episodes for a sit-com that i've seen in a long time. we all know about earl's plight. in the end it gave the message that all can be forgiven and that children and warm wishes are what's important. now that i'm done with the sappy stuff, how funny was brett butler. i'll tell ya - too funny. what a great cameo she was. earl has been fantastic about who they get everyweek. i know from now on when i see her, all i'll think is "don't you judge me". the car contest with randy and catalina was really good. especially when she fake fainted. saw it coming and it didn't matter. it was still hilarious. i felt so bad for darnell having to sleep in the nativity scene, but i could not stop laughing. i'm laughing right now as i write this. joy was just great in this from hiding the divorce to the confrontation with her father. last but not least, earl. when he and randy took the bikes and on the way back tried to fly them, i lost it. all the crappy presents he got joy - her keys she lost and the condoms, "there're flavored". i about to bust a stitch right now. just a fantabulous christmas episode. just a fantabulous episode for that matter.
  • Very funny

    It was nice Earl was able to do something nice for the two kids. It was also good to see the adults enjoyed watching the boys have a good christmas. I liked that Joy's father was not a racist after all just a dirty old man. I didn't like that her mother gambled her new car away.
  • Love it, love it!

    Original and funny to the bone. The more Earl tries to make for his past sins, the more trouble he gets himself into and it is hilarious! I look forward to seeing Earl and Randy foul things up. I also like it when the show goes to the past to see what Earl did so that we, the audience, will know what Earl is now trying to make worse, foul up; I mean undo, redo or fix up
  • Earl sets out to give Joy her happiest Christmas ever, but winds up getting caught in a bunch of lies that threaten to ruin yet another Christmas.

    Do you know what my only complaint about "My Name is Earl" is?
    That the show isnt long enough.
    I really wish this show was an hour long. It always seems "rushed" to me, like if we just had that extra half-an-hour we could see even more of the whackiness that is Earl J. Hickey's life. There could be more character and plot development every week. There is enough material and strong story lines to make a one hour show.
    "White Lies Christmas" was another great episode. I enjoy the fact that the character of Earl keeps getting tested each week, and yet still stays focused on righting the wrongs in his life. He was tested again this week, by not only having to keep several of Joy's secrets, but her mother's as well. At the end, he realizes, Karma or not, that his lying is only compounding the problems the family is having, but when he finally comes clean and the truth comes out, he actually gets Joy her happiest Christmas ever, which was exactly what he set out to do.
    I think people who just look at this show as a comedy are really missing out on a lot of the show's real premise. Yes, it is funny, but as the weeks go on, we see the more human sides of all the characters involved. I think the character of Earl Hickey, brilliantly played by an extremely underated Jason Lee (who deserves an Emmy for his facial expressions alone), is probably one of the most heartwarming characters to ever grace television. You see that he really wants to make up for all the people he has hurt over the years. While first his motivations were of the more selfish kind, I think he is realizing that being good is a reward in itself. List or not, going to all the trouble of winning Joy that car, and also buying his two illegitmate kids new bikes, really shows that Earl Hickey is a good human being. And while Lee has transformed himelf from leading man to trailer trash to play this character, he shows Earl has some depth and some soul. I'd gladly take Earl, his lazy brother, crazy ex-wife and all the zany side characters in his little hick town over the two-demensional pretty people in "Friends" and their silly, pointelss New York lives any day.
    I also enjoyed some of the smaller but equally touching moments, things many people will probably overlook, noteably Randy trying to talk Catalina into letting him win the car, because it's his Christmas present to Earl, and seeing how truly happy Joy was to see Darnell on Christmas eve. We also get to see a more evil side of Catalina, who wants the car for herself and doesn't care too much about Randy\'s feelings.
    This is a show with some soul, no matter how "white trash" the characters may be. "My Name is Earl" not only has tons of laughs, but tons of heart as well.
    As a side note, veiwers really need to tape or TiVo this show and watch it a couple times because it always seems like you miss something just seeing it once!
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