My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Craptacular

    Wow, what a crappy episode. Why would he write the number taker on his list, instead of all the thousands of dollars of mechendise they destoyed in the store? And what store wouldn't replace a $40 number taker 6 years later, or would want it back? And how would taking a number resolve any issues between them? Wouldn't they just try to steal the lowest number from the other person if they really were criminals? Lame y2k jokes that weren't funny 6 years ago and a terrible plot make this episode my least favorite in an otherwise great series. Oh Well
  • Anarchy in Y2K! It's a bit like 'the day after', but finally we learn, that it has it's advantages to be the last humans on earth.

    I really like that crazy look of donny, when he grabs that lamp, the man wanted to buy. Are those cookies, with the filling that earl doesn't like newman-o's? I know a couple people, who don't like the filling in newman-o's.
    Another great thing is that 80s rise of the machines aspect in it (when joy gets caught in the blood pressure machine - scary). Or the spooky music, when they realise, they're the only ones left on earth. I also like, that Joy thinks, those instructions on the bleach are just made up by the government to hassle people. Great Episode!
  • What would happen if Randy were president? I mean, if Y2K happened? Both would be disasterous.

    This episode is a brilliant flashback and is one of my favourite episodes because it is full of so much humour and plot, the sections of the store being controlled is a very memorable scene and the whole episode shows just how nieve and moronic the gang are.

    Catalina's subplot was informative and funny to see how she was transported differently and it is confirmed that she is an illegal immigrant. Introducing Crabman as someone under witness protection was hilarious and I find the whole flashback sequence amusing.

    While stealing a take-a-number thingy isn't an important crime, the Y2K flashback is definitely worth it and I hope to see more types of these abstract episodes.
  • A flashback episode? Okay then...

    This episode flashes back to the New years 2000. Earl is newly married to Joy, Donny hasn’t found God yet, Randy is Randy, Darnell is new in town and Catalina is making her way to America. Earl is trying to return a ticket thingy to a store that the gang stole it from in 2000. When Randy protests the episode flashes back to New Years 2000 when our favourite hicks thought that the world had come to an end.

    This episode had the potential for some big laughs, but sadly didn’t quite deliver. The most memorable quote was when Earl is robbing houses dressed up as Santa Claus. He tells a little girl who catches him to go back to bed or she won’t get a Christmas the next year. His voiceover then assures us “Don’t’ worry. She’s on my list”.

    I was surprised at how few good lines Joy had, as she usually tends to steal every scene that she is in. This was not in anyway a bad episode, just a little blah for Earl. After such a strong start for this series, it is a little disappointing how the quality of episodes has declined recently. I really hope that it picks up soon.
  • Excellente!

    Funny stuff, funny, funny stuff. When Earl steals a take a number machine, he is reminded of Y2K. Earl thinks everyones dead, so him, Randy, Joy, Darnell, and Donny Jones take over the store and find things to do. But they run into some problems when they each claim a spot in the store as their own, which I thought was funny. Then, they finally create a fully functioning civilization where they possibly have to procreate. Overall it was a good episode with lots of moments I enjoyed.
  • Superb!

    Everyones dream to spend a day in a supermarket and to be able to use everything. Eat all the food without the need of paying.

    And Randy is so cute, as always. He is made president of their little world, after having the great idea of using this "paper-picking-thingy"... Lovely!
  • Hilarious take on what you wanted to do if Y2K actually happened.

    This episode was laugh out loud hilarious. It starts off in 1999 and takes place when Earl and Joy were still together and when Crabman first becomes part of their group. When it becomes January 1st, 2000 thinking that Y2K has happened everyone goes to a local store and lives in it. They all acquired their own section of the store and had to bargain to get stuff from the other peoples section. Then the next day when people are shopping in a day after new years sale Earl and tha gang feel embarrased. This episode was hilarious and one of the series best episodes.
  • GREAT!

    Earl goes to a super market to return a number thing and then a flash back to Y2K where they lived in a mall for about a day and each took there own sections of the place and each really needed each others propety. HILARIOUS! This is the absolute funniest episode ever made out of the whole first season I love how they compromised on have the ticket thing to use to find out who got the higher number. HILARIOUS! FUNNY! GREAT! The best episode EVER!
  • And in the beginning...

    In this episode we visit the past and see how all the characters got there. We realize that Darnel is there so that he can hide from some one and also that he loves cheese. We see how Catalina found her way in to the US. The most interesting thing about the episode was that it made me realize how crazy we were at the end of 1999 thinking that the world would end. This is exactly what Earl, Randy, Joy, Donny, and Crab Man (Darnel) were thinking. So the decide to stay sober at new years and then take over the local store. The live there for a day, while there they have fights and finally figure out a way to get along. But the next morning they wake up to a store full of people… they get there belongings and slowly walk out the store. Man that was the funniest scene.
  • Flashback!

    Every show eventually does it - the "how did the whole gang get together?" episode, with varying degrees of success. My Name is Earl puts a spin on the formula by setting it in the height of Y2K. The added background to Darnell's character is a stroke of brilliance, explaining his occasional moments of intelligence in an unexpected way. However, Catalina's backstory of how she made it from Mexico to the US was full of tired cliches and felt very pointless in the episode, which is unfortunately very typical for her in general.

    What I really like about the episode, however, was how the group handled "the end of the world", and the subsequent reforming. Devoid of higher ideas on how to remake society better, things fall quickly into anarchy, and the way they find order is just so typical of the small-minded redneck philosophy. This really impressed me, because I was really scared that the writers would find a solution that was too intelligent for Earl and Co. to come up with by themselves.

    Great episode to what is building up to be a strong first season.
  • Lame

    This episode showed how really stupid the characters can be. I forgive it for a lot and it's usually funny, but this was the lowest of them all and painful to watch. Nice flashback, and the backstory about Catalina was interesting "it's not for reading" but overall this one is an episode to forget quickly. You can forgive the show as this was pretty much the only episode that was bad so far.
  • The One Where It All Began.

    I love this ep. it was so funny showing how everyone got where they are at like Darnell is in the witness protection, and sorry forgot her name the maid was an illegal alien. It was great to see how they actted thinking that they were the last people on Earth. It was funny with Joy saying we should make different colored kids so I need to get with Darnell lol. Also, it was great to see why Earl started Darnell Crabman.
  • A great episode that tells how it all began...

    This great episode brings us all back to Y2K (more exactly one day before Y2K), and tells the story of how the Gang thought that all the people on earth were gone (because the robots took over in Y2K) and decided to construct a mini-society in which the line-number-giving-thingy (and Randy who thought of it) is king.

    A hillarious episode, that reveals all the writer's capabilities - witty, interesting to watch, VERY original, and of course hillarious...

    Also a great guest appearance by Silas Weir Mitchell (plays Donny, "the man with crazy eyes").

    Yes, "My name is Earl" is justifying itself to be one of the most successful sitcom shows that run on TV these days...
  • Favorite episode so far. Still thinking about it a week later.

    The episode it about Y2k and it was one of the funnest episodes I have seen of Earl. I didn't say funniest but funnest. A program does not have to be about memorable lines and witty phrases to be enjoyed. A good show need to have a great story and I found myself totally entertained the whole time.

    The whole situation they get themselves into because of y2k made me laugh because I could totally see it happening no matter how crazy it seemed. I had several favorite parts but one part i liked was the picking the areas of the store. It made me wonder what area I would choose. I still can't decide.

    I found myself thinking of the episode during my week and laughing about it. It is good to see a well written program that we can continue to enjoy even after we should have long forgotten it.

  • "Oh I get it my finger is the guys weiner."

    Great episode. Revealed how Crabman and Catalina came to be in the group. I am wondering who Donny [I think] is since I started watching when the flashback started so I dont know. A lot of great jokes like how they delt with ruling the store and the thing I mentioned in the sumary about Darnell and the card. Also a lot of great gags about how freaked out we were about Y2K. Great and if all the episodes could be like this Earl will be around for a long time.
  • How it all got started.

    How it all got started.

    How dumb can someone really be: firecrackers sound like guns, it's the holiday season so the stores are closed for a day or two, but like Earl said, when your drunk most of the time you miss stuff.

    Overall, another classic episode. It would be interesting to see the show explore a little bit more into Darnell's past.
  • Funny how Earl started calling Darnell "Crab man".

    Never thought anything of why they called him "Crab man". But now I know why. :)

    Hope sometime in the future they go into more detail how/why Darnell ended up there, although I don't see how they could fit it in with Earl's list. Maybe have one of Earl's past misdeeds end up being the reason Darnell had to go there and change his name in the first place, but with Earl not even knowing about it.
  • This was the best episode of the season. We get to see what Earl and the gang did during the Y2K scare.

    As I said in the last review for this site, I have been getting bored with this show. Last weeks show was great and tonight’s was even better. I'm really looking forward to next weeks show now, a feeling I have not had in a couple months.

    Earl and the gang go to a store to return a ticket machine (no clue what that thing is really called). However, Randy does not want to give it up due to memories associated with it. We then see a flashback to the events covering what the gang did during the Y2K scare. The whole idea that they actually believe that they were the only ones left alive in the world, and did so without being drunk, was pure gold. The claiming of separate areas of the store by different people was funny, although why Darnell picked the greeting card section is beyond me. And the look on their faces when they wake up and the store is full of people was fabulous. I also liked the subplot showing Catalina’s entry into our country. It finally gave us some more information about her.

    Randy for President!!!
  • Now this is comedy!

    This had to be one of the funniest episodes of any comedy show this season! Absolutely fantastic! Brilliant! Side-splitting! If you're not watching this gem-of-a-show, shame on you! Kudos to NBC for sticking with "Earl" and putting the must-see-TV back into its Thursday nights! I can't wait for the next episode, and I would absolutely vote for Randy for president!
  • All in favor of Randy for President

    Great Episode Period. This was a great flashback to what Earl and the gang were up to during new years 2000 and was completely hilarious in an almost "Dawn of the Brain-Dead" way of sorts when they wake up 01/02/00 and the shoppers are around them asleep. Question though: How would the employees that came in that morning for work not notice all the damage and stuff they had done to the store and notice 5 people asleep in their store. hehe. stupid question but just a hilarious episode... I've been a fan of the show and this of all the episodes I've seen takes the cake as best ever (yet). Keep it up guys! can't wait for the next episode.
  • this my name is earl is the best ever show ever.

    y2k episode sounds very funny its probley going to be really good so i hope it is my name is earl is a great show.
    if i miss this show i will get mad.
    earl is the best ever and its funny how he call darnell crab man, this episode is going to be good.