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Edward Albright is a super spy. Henry Spivey is living the normal American dream in the suburbs with his wife, two kids and dog. The two men have one thing in common - they share the same body because Edward took part in an experiment several years earlier to create a split personality. Henry has never met his alter-ego Edward, except for an email he receives from Edward saying that people are coming to kill him. Now, the super spy and the suburban daddy have to learn to live with each other in the same body and not get each other killed. My Own Worst Enemy is produced by Universal Media Studios. It has been given a 13 episode initial order by NBC, but only 9 aired because of the show's cancellation on 11/12/08.

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    Slater takes lead in new series

  • Mike O'Malley

    Mike O'Malley

    Tom Grady/Raymond

    Taylor Lautner

    Taylor Lautner

    Jack Spivey

    Mädchen Amick

    Mädchen Amick

    Angie Spivey

    Alfre Woodard

    Alfre Woodard

    Mavis Heller

    Christian Slater

    Christian Slater

    Henry Spivey/Edward Albright

    Saffron Burrows

    Saffron Burrows

    Dr. Norah Skinner

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    • Nice 2 z Christian Slater back on top form !!!

      This is one of the most original & innovative shows of recent times (which is great and at the same time "dangerous" as usually this type of shows r underrated & underestimated... hope this 2 b 1 of da' FEW exceptions).

      I've always thought Christian Slater 2 b 1 of the best actors of his generation and on the past several years he's been "unexplainibly" relegated 2 playing roles on -mostly- forgettable films (with the exception of "MINDHUNTERS" which I loved by the way).

      It had been a while since I expected with such eagerness & anticipation the premiere of a new show and I must say that the wait was worth it as I think this show is destined 2 become an instant CLASSIC.

      I hope people watch this show and z for themselves how good, well directed, greatly paced and superbly acted... "MY OWN WORST ENEMY"

      I really hope so as it is up 2 us (TVFANS) who will determine it's faith... hoping that it gets fastly renewed 4 a 2nd. seasonmoreless
    • Excelent. Very good idea with a great actor. But not for the typical american people because is not simple, hiperviolent or stupid.

      A series misunderstood, it was intelligent and addictive. Alias style, but more concrete and agile and less fanciful. A great performance by Christian Slater. It is unfortunate that American TV is limited to 24, which has 5 seasons telling the same story, but all the violence that so captivates the americans. A MOWE second season would be the best choose.

      A My Own Worst Enemy second season would be ideal, with a deeper argument that you can solve the unknowns still open to the first brief season. Give the opportunity for people to have truly memorable stories and real good performances.moreless
    • What on earth were they thinking?

      Admittedly, "My Own Worst Enemy" was not a very well known show; however, that does not mean that it was not loved. Whenever I mention this show, or ask if anybody had seen it, the general response was the same; either "No, I have never seen the show" or "Yes, I it was great! Why did they cancel it?"

      The show was amazing! "My Own Worst Enemy" was a great combination of comedy and action; as well as having character development that I personally cared about. I found it fascinating that Henry's son was more like Edward in the way that they both like to fight, and the type of car that they are attracted to-Edward having a new Camaro, the son having an old one that he was trying to fix up.

      I believe that this show could have lasted for a good long run, or at very least could have been a stellar miniseries.moreless
    • Nice concept, good show, and a wonderful comeback vehicle for Christian Slater. One may have been tempted to groan at another super-spy/big bad government and it's military industrial complex.

      Nice concept, good show, and a wonderful comeback vehicle for Christian Slater. One may have been tempted to groan at another super-spy/big bad government and it's military industrial complex. However if you were open minded enough to watch the show. You saw a great story and a cast who wonderfully performed their roles. Veteran big screen actors Christian Slater and Alfre Woodard certainly helped in the acting department. Slater was totally believable as suburban dork one minute and cold as steel super assassin the next. The secondary characters were great in their roles as well most them being television veterans. Sadly the prime time shootout was to much for the program and established shows ate up most of the time slots viewership. The season ended with a question mark instead of a cliffhanger about Henry's fate which still makes it worth the dvd view if it's ever released.moreless
    • This was a superb show. It should never have been canceled, and I think it should brought back. (Spoilers)

      My Own Worst Enemy was a unique, and very entertaining show. It was without a doubt, canceled before it's time. It was getting better when it got canceled, and I want it to be brought back somehow. This show had great action, good characters, good plot, comedy elements; it was just a really entertaining show. Christian Slater played the roles of the two main characters perfectly, and I think it's unfair to him that he didn't get the chance to keep acting as these two characters and to actually finish the show and the stories of these two characters. My Own Worst Enemy reminded me of 24, which is my favorite show, but at the same time it had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element going for it; which was pretty original for a Spy TV show. I don't think NBC is willing to bring the show back, so I just hope they make a TV movie or something to finish off all the story lines. I'll miss this show, and overall I give My Own Worst Enemy a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
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