My Own Worst Enemy

Season 1 Episode 3

Hello Henry

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC
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Edward is double crossed when he is in Mexico in search of Russia's new age nuclear bomb. Ruthy is accidentally put into a dangerous situation by Edward, which causes an FBI agent to look into the matter. Tom/Raymond's wife thinks there is more to the business trips he always takes, so she hires a private investigator to check it out for her.moreless

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  • This show is getting good!

    Anyone who read my first review of this show (I think I mistakenly put my pilot review under the show review section) knows I was disappointed, big time. I had high hopes for what this show would be and they did not deliver. Edward played a large role and I didn't like him at all. Henry I really liked, but that was it, he was the only bright spot. Now it seems that Edward is toned down a little bit (I don't hate him as much as before), Henry gets more spotlight, and they are dealing with how Henry reacts to being in Edward situations. Then they have added the whole dynamic with Henry trying to get rid of Edward and how he must hide his plans. Overall, this show is turning into what I had hoped it would be from the start. If you didn't like it before, give it a chance now. You may be surprised.moreless
  • This episode was yet another great one for this amazing series. (Spoilers)

    This episode was, in my opinion, the best episode of the series so far. The interaction between Edward and Henry was both humorous and entertaining. Christian Slater still does an excellent job at playing two very different characters. I enjoyed almost every scene of this episode, and there was hardly ever a dull moment. The action was great and kind of reminded me of Casino Royale. I was surprised when Henry's therapist showed up at the end and killed the pretend F.B.I. Agent. I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode so that I can see Henry's reaction to this. Overall I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • a start to being an actual show

    Finally, My Own Worst Enemy is starting to form into an actual show. How far it will go, is yet to be seen. I admit, I want it to stay for now. The show has been interesting from the start, it is an interesting concept, and it still is interesting. Henry finds out that good old Edward killed his doctor friend and Henry's scared out of his mind. Henry's recently found out that he's a created split-personality, the government agency will kill him if he doesn't cooperate with them, and he's dealing with his other self who just hasn't seen to be a completely nice guy. Henry resolves to find out how to get rid of Edward once and for all. He may get his chance since an FBI agent's offering a way out if Henry can pin the agency. Edward has to deal with doing Henry's everyday stuff and not doing a great job at it and Henry's pissed. What can you do if you're fighting yourself? Henry is asked to go down to Mexico and snatch plans from an old "friend". Yet another Bondish villain emerges that's a family man and very polite but cross him and he'll put a bullet in your head. Meanwhile, Henry's 'friend' Tom-real personality Raymond is having trouble keeping Tom's wife at a distance and still do his job. Doesn't work, since Tom's wife's hired a private investigator. This episodes helps show the strengths and weaknesses of both Edward and Henry. Henry is a super-nice guy but he's a bit of a wimp when it comes to being a spy. Edward is an awesome super-spy that unfortunately Edward is a grade-A jerk. In the end it's Henry that saves the day since Henry's everyday niceness won over the Mexican frenemy and allowed Edward/Henry to live. Admitting some of Henry's victory, Edward gives Henry and wife a new refrigerator they've needed, something early in the episode, and Henry's starting to think Edward's not all bad. That changes when it's revealed Edward put daughter Ruthie in danger, doing his spy job while also shopping with Ruthie. Henry meets up with the FBI agent, who in reality, is an assassin looking to kill Henry if he talks. The assassin is shot himself and Henry's savior turns out to be his psychiatrist. There is almost noone you can trustto be just a normal person. This episode did a great job of bringing in Henry's family more, it's great to see Hnry's wife out and about, and also gave some story for Raymond/Tom. Again, I like this show enough that I want it to stay but. . .I'm no sure. For now, I hope it does.moreless
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