My Own Worst Enemy

Season 1 Episode 6

High Crimes and Turducken

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC
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Edward puts national security in jeopardy in finding the culprit who murdered his parents. Angie braces herself in the arrival of her father. Tom gives his marriage a second chance. Henry gets to see first hand what Edwards relationship with Dr. Norah Skinner.

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  • High Crimes and Turducken was a very special episode, mainly because it had to do with Thanksgiving. It had a lot of character development as well. (Spoilers)

    This episode was yet another superb episode of My Own Worst Enemy, and a fine example of why this series should not have been canceled. I loved that they took the time to make an episode basically revolving around Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the back story it gave about Edward and his parents, and I thought that it explained a lot about what happened to Edward and how he became the emotionless spy that he is. Just as Henry was starting to become my favorite character, Edward of course comes back and makes it difficult to decide which personality I like more. All in all though, I give this episode, High Crimes and Turducken, a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Best episode of the series so far.

    I watched this episode not having a single clue as to what Turducken is. Thought it may be some sort of middle eastern hot spot or KGB code name. Turned out to be a chicken, duck and turkey one inside the other which gave us some of the nicest comedic moments of the series so far. The scenes where Tom and his wife are making this thing were really funny and yet quite touching at the same time. The high-tech spy stuff was good as usual but I felt they could have used Angie's Dad a bit more, he seemed a little superfluous. It's a shame this is ending soon, I was starting to enjoy the show. Ho hum.moreless
  • Edward and Raymond must steal "The Falcon" a special object that has Missile Defense information. Trouble arises though when Edward plans to swap the object for information about the killer of his parents.moreless

    "I became a spy to look for the spy that murdered them"

    An interesting, well written episode. As seen through the brief recap of the last episode, Edward now is pursuing the killer of his parents. Before this, Edward thought his parents died in a car accident. However, the KGB Russian, Yuri, will give Edward the necessary information to find his parents's killer but a price...

    This episode was unique because it also played in reverse chronological order meaning we see the events happening from end to beginning for most part. We see Edward/Henry dressed up as an Arab waiting to hand of a case to another spy. However, the spy is shot dead by Raymond. We shift to many hours earlier and learn that Edward will be doing a special mission with Raymond. The mission calls for them both to steal "The Falcon", the object has something to do with Missile Defense System of the US. The wa they got the Falcon was enjoyable. I especially found it funny that their "cover" was that of cable installers.

    Later on though instead of giving the Falcon back to the base facility, Edward is planning to give the Falcon to Yuri as that's his price. Will Edward give it to him and be a traitor to his own country? Will Tony using computer technology be able to see who stole The Falcon?

    It was more than a decent episode. I liked the way they didn't reveal if Edward was a traitor or not till the end making this episode suspenseful till the end. Even Henry was contemplating the thought of him being a traitor. The next episode will also be interesting. Too bad that there will only be three more episodes after this because of NBC.moreless
  • a nice change-of-pace episode

    Episode six. Only three episodes to go until the show is written off, gone forever. It's nice to see the show, while it still lasts. This episode shifts to being not about Henry this time, but about Edward. Finally, there's a sense of what Edward is about. Edward became a spy to find the man who killed his parents and that's the reason he's so emotionally distant. And the womanizing, indirect result of his job. Edward finds the man that will reveal the killer's name. Too bad the man's not an American ally and wants a top secret package spilling American secrets and then they'll deal. Lucky for Edward, Raymond and him are sent to take the package for themselves. All Edward has to do is fake Raymond and disable security. A trade-off in Morocco fails when Henry wakes up, Rayond shoots Edward's pass-trading partner, and Janis is looking to locate Henry, who, on survellience, is a mystery man. Back at Henry's house, Thanksgiving is coming and the wife is all about preparing. Her dad shows up, with a revelation that he found out he was Jewish, and "Tom" and wife are asked to make the turkey. "Tom" and wife are still having trouble due to "Tom's" "cheating" but holidays are a great way to reconnect and Tom and wife come to a better understanding. Henry has to deal with the fact that Edward is commiting treason, putting Henry's family and himself in danger doing so, and what Edward's doing. Finally, Henry finds out Edward's been with Skinner, his psychiatrist and is he creeped. Understandable. He's more pissed at Edward than Skinner and still thinks of Edward as this jerk but Skinner asks that Henry read about what happened to Edward's, Henry's family. There are flashbacks shown of a young Edward, before he became this tight, cold jerk on the day his parents were killed. Luckily, Edward hasn't gone all bad. He does work around Henry to get the package but he hands his dealer the wrong package, still getting the killer's name. Edward secretly returns the package and erases his image in Janis' profile, so all ends well. Henry at last understands the importance of his other self's family and knowing about them might help Henry have a purpose. His attitude about Edward thaws, a little, and Henry is finally able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of the family. Taylor Lautner is oddly absent in this episode and even though this episode was probably made months ago, it still has meaning due to the smashing Twilight success. At least Taylor has those movies after this series ends. Whatever happens to Christian Slater, I hope he'll try another show with NBC or USA. There's three more episodes to enjoy.moreless

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    • Tom: Henry, I love your wife.
      Henry: OK.
      Tom: No, no, the woman took pity on me like Mother Theresa in heels. Between her, a couple of shots of bourbon and a little butter-herb mixture, the Tom-inator is back!

    • (Flashback to Edward's past with his father)
      Mr Albright: Telling the truth is important, Edward, but it's not the most important thing.
      Young Edward: What is?
      Mr Albright: Protecting the people you love.

    • (Tom and Mary Mary drop the duck on the kitchen floor)
      Mary: Should we wash it?
      Tom: No there's a ten second rule for ducks, fifteen if they got feathers.

    • Norah: It's complicated.
      Henry: Yeah. You're sleeping with a man that legally doesn't exist.
      Norah: It's not a perfect relationship.

    • Mavis: Echelon's picked up a lot of chatter around our base in Rabat.
      Raymond: What kind of chatter?
      Mavis: The kind that keeps me up at night.

    • Angie: Alright, what's the big announcement?
      Archie: I'm Jewish.

    • Angie: Dad says he's something to announce when he gets here.
      Henry: He didn't say what it was?
      Angie: No but it sounded important.
      Henry: Maybe old Archie's found himself a girlfriend half his age.
      Angie: Ew.

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