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  • split personality, great idea. rigged split personality, stupid idea - very stupid idea.

    ok, let me explain myself before someone knocks on my apartment door with an Uzi. who in the world would give a trained assassin who probably killed more people than you will ever know of a stupid split personality!? Edward murders half the russian mob hiding in New Mexico. and guess what? they saw his face, they track him down, and being Henry being blissfully unaware that he is an assassin, walks right into broad daylight exposing himself to a hired gun and kills him with one shot. end of story. duh.. and what's up with the walking stick lady?! you're not even using it, or is that just bad acting. lose the stick or just really break your stupid leg.

    this is what i think the story should be! Edward is an assassin, he hates his life so much with all the hiding and not having a chance for a normal life that his subconscious created Henry. henry knows and sees what Edward is doing, but Edward doesn't know Henry insist, and little by little, Henry is getting more and more body time than Edward putting dangers into his missions. And oh, the government isn't his employer, a mob or something else is. I know, it would be easier if the killer was the split personality but that's so cliche, and it would be so much more fun if the wuss was the personality, don't you think.
  • Not what I was hoping for.

    I went into this show hoping for greatness. I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it turned out nothing like I was hoping. Here are my gripes with the show.

    The only person I even remotely feel any good feelings for is Henry. He is very likable. Edward is simply too unlikable for me. He is overly cold, just like his "friend" from the office. There is NOTHING likable about these characters. I don't know if they are going to mellow out the Edward character some over time, but I find myself not caring about what happens to him just because I dislike him so much. As others have said (at least on other websites), everyone else seems underdeveloped. I know it is only the pilot, but surely they could have built at least one of the other characters a little more. Other shows seem capable. Christian Slater does a great job, but the other actors/actresses either need to step up and make their characters special, or the writers need to start giving them better stuff to work with. Slater can't carry the show on his own, especially when half the time he is despicable (as Edward).
  • Good acting, decent writing, ridiculous concept! What is the point of a flip-the-switch spy? Plausible deniability? Who thought this would be a good idea?

    Loved Christian Slater in the lead role, hope to see him again on the small screen in a vehicle more appropriate for his talents. I love a spy show, I even stuck with Alias to the end--for two too many seasons. But the premise just did not make any sense...and this from a person who watched and enjoyed every episode of Journeyman!

    The execution was about as good as anyone could ask for, though. If they didn't actually shoot in Moscow, for example, their attention to detail in the sets was amazing! All the acting (with the exception of the skeletal Saffron Burrows) was excellent. But, I just could not suspend my disbelief enough to truly enjoy the show. Apparently I was not alone.
  • Not bad but not very believable.

    This is one of those shows that after you've watched a bit of it you start thinking hang on a minute, why does his super-spy need a wimpy alter ego to function? Is he really going to crack under pressure if he is so amazingly tough as the Edward side? Is the Henry side really going to stop Edward giving away secrets to the enemy? These thoughts keep bothering me as I watch. I'm not so surprised to see that this will be cancelled soon as it really seems to struggle to work well as a drama or action adventure.
  • Nice concept, good show, and a wonderful comeback vehicle for Christian Slater. One may have been tempted to groan at another super-spy/big bad government and it's military industrial complex.

    Nice concept, good show, and a wonderful comeback vehicle for Christian Slater. One may have been tempted to groan at another super-spy/big bad government and it's military industrial complex. However if you were open minded enough to watch the show. You saw a great story and a cast who wonderfully performed their roles. Veteran big screen actors Christian Slater and Alfre Woodard certainly helped in the acting department. Slater was totally believable as suburban dork one minute and cold as steel super assassin the next. The secondary characters were great in their roles as well most them being television veterans. Sadly the prime time shootout was to much for the program and established shows ate up most of the time slots viewership. The season ended with a question mark instead of a cliffhanger about Henry's fate which still makes it worth the dvd view if it's ever released.
  • This is completely insane....!

    I just re watched the final episode of My Own Worst Enemy and I fail to understand WHY this show is over.(and I NEVER watch shows twice!)If anything NBC has GOT to tie up the loose ends.I'd go as far as to say the final episode was easily the best ever aired.

    The show was\is top notch....definitely not the same old regurgitated crap we seem to get lately.The acting is top notch.And most of all,it was developing quite a fan base.
    C'mon NBC....give the fans a break!They're plenty of outlets for remaining episodes or perhaps a TV movie to finish the story.
    A true waste of an excellent show.
  • Had potential but I don't think it was given enough time or effort.

    I like Christian Slater and he's a good actor. The premise of the super spy having a switch that will turn him into an average Joe with an average life (wife, kids, job, house, bills, etc) is not that bad. This show could have taken off a bit better if we didn't know what was going to happen after the first two or three episodes. Anytime a mission was to take place, you already knew that Henry was going to show up and almost (or completely) flub up the whole thing with Raymond having to jump in to save him. I think if a little more work had been put into the weekly plot line, more detail into the missions and ones where Henry didn't show up and cause a foobar, it might have taken off a little bit better. I also think the characters of Edward and Henry should have been flushed out a little bit more before the break in the switch occurred. As it stood, it seems confusing and chaotic from the start and we didn't really have a chance to get attached to either one. How can we care about the character and not think "well he's broken so throw him out" if we haven't gotten to really know him?

    I hate to see it go, but the PtB want immediate results ($$$) or they figure "it's broken, throw it out" and we lose.
  • Great acting, great story development, great character evolution. But is it too complicated for the generic viewing audience? The ratings seem to be saying that.

    Thumbs up. What I'm worried about is the convoluted storyline between the character changes and the detailed interaction between each personality and his environment.

    Christian Slater fans will love this as we watch him stretch his acting muscles.

    The story is engaging and after a few episodes, I'm not too confused, but you really had to pay attention at times.

    Thumbs up all around and this show is going on my list of ones to watch every week. The fact that it's lined up behind Heroes on NBC could be good, or bad, if Heroes would get their act together.

    After a few episodes, the two personalities start to work together but Edward (The spy) is looking to reign in Henry (The alternate non-spy personality) as he tries to discover himself. They communicate through video messages and it will be interesting, that's for sure. At this point, Henry has proven himself to not be useless, looking to convince HQ's to not erase him. So far, so good.

    I like the show. They've pulled off an interesting concept and haven't overdone it. The few inconsistent moments that confused me were quickly swept under the rug by the momentum of the story.

    The developing underlying humor between Henry and Edward and Henry's wife is nice. (If you know what I mean. Wink-wink.)

    My real concerns, again, is the complication of the story details. The ratings have been sinking and it's reminding my of Journeyman. Great writing, but possibly too detailed for the generic TV viewer who's looking to sludge out on the couch who doesn't want to have to concentrate after a rough day at work.

    Can't blame them, but this viewer likes being absorbed in a show that makes me think. I can really leave my day behind when I do.

    Review by Bruce Simmons (Brusimm)
  • Perfect example of why it's not worth your time to get invested in a new show. Might as well just start watching everything from DVD.

    I really don't know what's up with these TV people anymore. I don't understand how you can keep shows like Knight Rider going but cancel Journeyman and My Own Worst Enemy. I think MOWE was by far one of the best new shows on TV. I'd consider it Alias on steroids. It had the same concept, going to exotic locations every week. But the one big difference was that all the agents live double lifes and one part doesn't know about the other. Christian Slater was the main reason I watched the show. He done a great job of playing two completely different roles. I think MOWE was on at a bad time and canceled way before it should have been.
  • This is really some unifinished business... The last episode is also the best of the nine, but very disapponting as a season finale (Spoilers).

    So, at last, when the 'dove' and the 'hawk' characters story was getting interesting, NBC pulls the plug. This is no way to end a story, really. It's unfair to Slater and to his many fans - I'm one of them. After nine episodes, I think we all deserved a real end, instead of having this. As the episode ends we have Tom/Raymond's true nature discovered by his wife, and Harry/Edward with the scrambled brain and a whole new enemy totally unknown. This is like reading a thriller with the last pages missing. Maybe over the nine episodes the main character was sometimes a bit over the line, especially the 'dove' one, but in the end it was not that bad and I've found the show very watchable. Too bad it was canceled. It's a pity that it cannot find a new life on the Internet (hulu, etc).
  • Here we go again…NBC comes up with a decent Show, and cancels it after ONE MONTH!

    This show is a good premise, and is relatively well written. Although I'm a long-time Slater fan, he can seem a little wooden at times, particularly when he's portraying Henry, the 'normal' guy. But as ruthless killer Edward he is mesmerizing. The rest of the cast includes some Hollywood heavies, and is well acted. The 'Raymond/Tom' back story has just begun to get very interesting. And now I realize there are only 2 episodes remaining in this show's life. It's hard to believe that 5.2 million of us aren't enough to keep a new show on the air for at least a full season. Hmm..I wonder if NBC's numbers took into account those of us who downloaded the premiere free on Amazon. Soon the only respite for audience members who don't want to watch reality TV will be to ingest a steady diet of 'NCIS', 'CSI', 'House', and 'Bones' retreads. Boring.
  • NBC did again and gave us a great show

    I saw the pilot last night and to be honest its almost a remodelling of the british show (Jekyll), but what a great show. Christian Slater plays a role of a man with a double personalities (Henry Spivey - Edward Albright), one with a normal life and the other is a secret agent. The Pilot is full of action and thrill. Christian Slater's played the role perfectly although he looked older in the show more than in the movies.... little strange !!.
    The main point is there is a lot to go on in the show ..... the secrets of Edward, the others like him and Edward with the family. Can't wait to see ((Henry)) in action.

    I only hope that NBC don't kill this show like it did with many other great shows.
  • This was a superb show. It should never have been canceled, and I think it should brought back. (Spoilers)

    My Own Worst Enemy was a unique, and very entertaining show. It was without a doubt, canceled before it's time. It was getting better when it got canceled, and I want it to be brought back somehow. This show had great action, good characters, good plot, comedy elements; it was just a really entertaining show. Christian Slater played the roles of the two main characters perfectly, and I think it's unfair to him that he didn't get the chance to keep acting as these two characters and to actually finish the show and the stories of these two characters. My Own Worst Enemy reminded me of 24, which is my favorite show, but at the same time it had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element going for it; which was pretty original for a Spy TV show. I don't think NBC is willing to bring the show back, so I just hope they make a TV movie or something to finish off all the story lines. I'll miss this show, and overall I give My Own Worst Enemy a 9.5 out of 10.
  • A super spy with a split personality -- purposefully split personality.

    If the pilot is a clue for what's to come, I think this show has great potential to be excellent. I like Christin Slater but honestly, I couldn't tell you what he has done of significance since he did the film "Heathers." He's a good actor, even though he has been described as a bargain basement Jack Nicholson. However, I think he has mounds of talent in his own right and this show can show it off.

    I'm looking forward to more of what I got in the pilot...tight writing, good acting, great action...and a bit of humor from time to time.
  • Nice 2 z Christian Slater back on top form !!!

    This is one of the most original & innovative shows of recent times (which is great and at the same time "dangerous" as usually this type of shows r underrated & underestimated... hope this 2 b 1 of da' FEW exceptions).
    I've always thought Christian Slater 2 b 1 of the best actors of his generation and on the past several years he's been "unexplainibly" relegated 2 playing roles on -mostly- forgettable films (with the exception of "MINDHUNTERS" which I loved by the way).
    It had been a while since I expected with such eagerness & anticipation the premiere of a new show and I must say that the wait was worth it as I think this show is destined 2 become an instant CLASSIC.
    I hope people watch this show and z for themselves how good, well directed, greatly paced and superbly acted... "MY OWN WORST ENEMY"
    I really hope so as it is up 2 us (TVFANS) who will determine it's faith... hoping that it gets fastly renewed 4 a 2nd. season
  • Excelent. Very good idea with a great actor. But not for the typical american people because is not simple, hiperviolent or stupid.

    A series misunderstood, it was intelligent and addictive. Alias style, but more concrete and agile and less fanciful. A great performance by Christian Slater. It is unfortunate that American TV is limited to 24, which has 5 seasons telling the same story, but all the violence that so captivates the americans. A MOWE second season would be the best choose.

    A My Own Worst Enemy second season would be ideal, with a deeper argument that you can solve the unknowns still open to the first brief season. Give the opportunity for people to have truly memorable stories and real good performances.
  • What on earth were they thinking?

    Admittedly, "My Own Worst Enemy" was not a very well known show; however, that does not mean that it was not loved. Whenever I mention this show, or ask if anybody had seen it, the general response was the same; either "No, I have never seen the show" or "Yes, I it was great! Why did they cancel it?"
    The show was amazing! "My Own Worst Enemy" was a great combination of comedy and action; as well as having character development that I personally cared about. I found it fascinating that Henry's son was more like Edward in the way that they both like to fight, and the type of car that they are attracted to-Edward having a new Camaro, the son having an old one that he was trying to fix up.
    I believe that this show could have lasted for a good long run, or at very least could have been a stellar miniseries.
  • Spy and hard working husband in one, split personality, enough said.

    This is a perfect example of how economics destroys a perfectly good show. Just like what happened to Firefly. These two shows were written well, had good actors and was exciting to watch. It's a tragic loss of a great story and idea. Great acting too from a good cast. Just because the greedy studio executives decided to axe it because it wasn't doing well in the ratings, doesn't mean they should. Ratings are overblown and useless. If you greedy, money grubbing executives don't want to bring this show back, then at least finish the show properly. That's my two cents worth.
  • From IMDB : "Henry Spivey, an efficiency expert, lives a typical suburban life... In contrast, Edward Albright is a lethal, multilingual operative...and they inhabit the same body. When each personality finds himself out of his element, things go awry."

    I'm very picky with shows, and I love Christian Slater, which is why I decided to give this show a shot...and it did not disappoint! Something was happening at every point in the show, fast paced and extremely entertaining! Plus how can you not love a show that has 2 characters played by Christian, and many scenes without his shirt?! All the characters were interesting and the plots were well thought out and never boring. I got really into this show, and am very upset that it's done! Left with unfinished story lines, and the craving for more! BRING IT BACK!!!
  • This is a great show that no one gave a fair chance.

    This show is totally awesome and Christian Slater did an awesome job playing a person with two personalities. He's a great actor! This show definately wasn't given a fair chance. I would love to know who killed Tony and who found out that Edward/Henry was broken. Even if they don't bring it back, I think they should do a movie to tie up all the lose ends. Though I am sad that it's gone, I understand why because it was just too expensive which is why I think it would be better as a movie instead of a TV show.
  • I have to agree with "strait"..this is/was a good show and I for one am a bit po'd that it was dropped so quickly! Sadly, that is getting to be the norm these days so get'em while you can...

    It was nice to see Christian Slater on the tube every week at his devious/clueless best. (Mike O'Malley of "Yes, Dear" fame was also a nice bonus.) I did not realize how much I missed him until he came back! Maybe a bit predictable but still fun to watch how it all plays out. Sadly, I am beginning to think that those execs have no clue what people are watching with the advent of the dvr because they dumped ALOT of promising shows like this one and left most of the fluff. Yea..times are hard ..but does quality programming have to be the first sacrifice? I have never been a "24" fan but would have instead, latched onto this spy series but alas, it was not meant to be. Here is to hoping for another Christian Slater vehicle in the near future!
  • one body. two minds. one mind is the successful suburbian husband and 2-kid-daddy, the other mind is an international spy who kills even contacts without even twitching his the middle of an assassination-mission the suburbian dad wakes up...!

    I must say I was pleasurably surprised to see this show..I was, as usual, expecting to see acting to be "at par", at best..expecting the timing to be off, the chemistry between the shows characters to be more than i bit "off"..all of these "newborn-shows" standard "beginnings-bumps" that sort of fades out and gets better after 3 to 5 eppis.. but I felt that the show worked pretty good:-) everything kind of "fit" from the get-go..and the humor in the show was awsome, especially with the "riding my car/riding my wife"-payback in the forst episode, i felt was just fantastic.

    I truly hope Slater gets this show working as good trough out the next episodes, and that it will become a show to count on for more than just a half or single season...but that also rests on the networks execs who ALWAYS count cash, and are not pleased with shows that make profit, but not enough profit..
  • If the pilot episode is any indication, this show is going to be fantastic.

    The premise of this show is very interesting and exciting. The filming is good and the effects look great. It's also great to see Christian Slater in something new, and he still delivers a great performance. This is the kind of show that I love to see on TV. Anyone who liked Alias, The Bourne Identity, or even something like Total Recall is likely to enjoy this show.

    I am really looking forward to see where this show goes and I have high hopes that it turns out very well and remains on TV for many seasons. It is possible that it is my favorite new show of the season.