My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • split personality, great idea. rigged split personality, stupid idea - very stupid idea.

    ok, let me explain myself before someone knocks on my apartment door with an Uzi. who in the world would give a trained assassin who probably killed more people than you will ever know of a stupid split personality!? Edward murders half the russian mob hiding in New Mexico. and guess what? they saw his face, they track him down, and being Henry being blissfully unaware that he is an assassin, walks right into broad daylight exposing himself to a hired gun and kills him with one shot. end of story. duh.. and what's up with the walking stick lady?! you're not even using it, or is that just bad acting. lose the stick or just really break your stupid leg.

    this is what i think the story should be! Edward is an assassin, he hates his life so much with all the hiding and not having a chance for a normal life that his subconscious created Henry. henry knows and sees what Edward is doing, but Edward doesn't know Henry insist, and little by little, Henry is getting more and more body time than Edward putting dangers into his missions. And oh, the government isn't his employer, a mob or something else is. I know, it would be easier if the killer was the split personality but that's so cliche, and it would be so much more fun if the wuss was the personality, don't you think.