My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • one body. two minds. one mind is the successful suburbian husband and 2-kid-daddy, the other mind is an international spy who kills even contacts without even twitching his the middle of an assassination-mission the suburbian dad wakes up...!

    I must say I was pleasurably surprised to see this show..I was, as usual, expecting to see acting to be "at par", at best..expecting the timing to be off, the chemistry between the shows characters to be more than i bit "off"..all of these "newborn-shows" standard "beginnings-bumps" that sort of fades out and gets better after 3 to 5 eppis.. but I felt that the show worked pretty good:-) everything kind of "fit" from the get-go..and the humor in the show was awsome, especially with the "riding my car/riding my wife"-payback in the forst episode, i felt was just fantastic.

    I truly hope Slater gets this show working as good trough out the next episodes, and that it will become a show to count on for more than just a half or single season...but that also rests on the networks execs who ALWAYS count cash, and are not pleased with shows that make profit, but not enough profit..
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