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My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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My Own Worst Enemy Fan Reviews (23)

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  • Here we go again…NBC comes up with a decent Show, and cancels it after ONE MONTH!

    This show is a good premise, and is relatively well written. Although I'm a long-time Slater fan, he can seem a little wooden at times, particularly when he's portraying Henry, the 'normal' guy. But as ruthless killer Edward he is mesmerizing. The rest of the cast includes some Hollywood heavies, and is well acted. The 'Raymond/Tom' back story has just begun to get very interesting. And now I realize there are only 2 episodes remaining in this show's life. It's hard to believe that 5.2 million of us aren't enough to keep a new show on the air for at least a full season. Hmm..I wonder if NBC's numbers took into account those of us who downloaded the premiere free on Amazon. Soon the only respite for audience members who don't want to watch reality TV will be to ingest a steady diet of 'NCIS', 'CSI', 'House', and 'Bones' retreads. Boring.
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