My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • Good acting, decent writing, ridiculous concept! What is the point of a flip-the-switch spy? Plausible deniability? Who thought this would be a good idea?

    Loved Christian Slater in the lead role, hope to see him again on the small screen in a vehicle more appropriate for his talents. I love a spy show, I even stuck with Alias to the end--for two too many seasons. But the premise just did not make any sense...and this from a person who watched and enjoyed every episode of Journeyman!

    The execution was about as good as anyone could ask for, though. If they didn't actually shoot in Moscow, for example, their attention to detail in the sets was amazing! All the acting (with the exception of the skeletal Saffron Burrows) was excellent. But, I just could not suspend my disbelief enough to truly enjoy the show. Apparently I was not alone.