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My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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My Own Worst Enemy Fan Reviews (23)

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  • This is really some unifinished business... The last episode is also the best of the nine, but very disapponting as a season finale (Spoilers).

    So, at last, when the 'dove' and the 'hawk' characters story was getting interesting, NBC pulls the plug. This is no way to end a story, really. It's unfair to Slater and to his many fans - I'm one of them. After nine episodes, I think we all deserved a real end, instead of having this. As the episode ends we have Tom/Raymond's true nature discovered by his wife, and Harry/Edward with the scrambled brain and a whole new enemy totally unknown. This is like reading a thriller with the last pages missing. Maybe over the nine episodes the main character was sometimes a bit over the line, especially the 'dove' one, but in the end it was not that bad and I've found the show very watchable. Too bad it was canceled. It's a pity that it cannot find a new life on the Internet (hulu, etc).
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