My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • This was a superb show. It should never have been canceled, and I think it should brought back. (Spoilers)

    My Own Worst Enemy was a unique, and very entertaining show. It was without a doubt, canceled before it's time. It was getting better when it got canceled, and I want it to be brought back somehow. This show had great action, good characters, good plot, comedy elements; it was just a really entertaining show. Christian Slater played the roles of the two main characters perfectly, and I think it's unfair to him that he didn't get the chance to keep acting as these two characters and to actually finish the show and the stories of these two characters. My Own Worst Enemy reminded me of 24, which is my favorite show, but at the same time it had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element going for it; which was pretty original for a Spy TV show. I don't think NBC is willing to bring the show back, so I just hope they make a TV movie or something to finish off all the story lines. I'll miss this show, and overall I give My Own Worst Enemy a 9.5 out of 10.