My Own Worst Enemy

Season 1 Episode 4

That Is Not My Son

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC
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Henry awakens and finds himself in the midst of gunfire, while Edward was trying to save Raymond. He calls for help giving away his wherabouts and his identity. Mary Grady find out the truth on Tom.

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  • Yet another superb episode from this great show. This episode was suspenseful, and I did not expect the ending. (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode of My Own Worst Enemy, and I think it shows how good this show really is. It was suspenseful and entertaining, and it had kind of a twist ending which I thought was interesting. I enjoy how Edward and Henry communicate, and I think there should be more scenes where they record messages for each other. Christian Slater is great at playing two characters that have to interact with each other like that. I also enjoy the acting of Tom/Raymond, and think that his character is getting to be a pretty cool guy. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Edward goes to save Raymond in China with a new operative, Paula, but thinks go bad when the new operative reveals that Edward has exposed himself as Henry.

    Continuing from the last episode in which Edward adverts disaster in Mexico but Raymond/Tom is captured while doing his mission.

    Edward or should I say Tom is approached by an FBI agent whose really working with the agency to see if Edward is broken. The shrink shoots the guy and reveals that she's really also part of the agency as well working on Systems Management. Edward goes to save Raymond with the new operative Paula whose civilian personality is Ellen. Everything goes fine until once again the chip/memory reverts back to Henry. The operative is hurt and hears Henry reveals himself as Henry.

    Of course a broken agent means that their memory of being an agent will have to be wiped. Luckily Edward/Henry has the benefit of having the Systems Managers as a lover. She tricks everybody into thinking that Paula was the broken agent thus saving Edward from being Henry.

    In retrospect that might be what Henry wants. Anyways, it was a good episode. I expected the shrink to be more than just a shrink. She being Edward's lover was expected.

    There was also a funny scene where Henry pretends to be Edward to Raymond. Henry might say he hates Edward but really being Edward is cool especially with that side story about son.

    Good episode, good action, good acting.moreless
  • another good episode

    I still don't know whether this show will stay or be cancelled. It's good, better than Fringe or Knight Rider (in my opinion, at least) but I just don't know. I'm still enjoying this show for what it is. The shocker of last episode comes back: Henry's psychiatrist, Norah Skinner, is also a spy. Who isn't? Not only is she a spy but she seems to be one of Edward's many lovers. Weird. She's more for Edward than Henry and she'll make sure at least Edward will survive. And to make matters worse, Edward's still sleeping with her. That is still creepy to me. The man Skinner killed raises questions about Edward's competency and the major boss wonders if he's "broken", poking around to find out. Unfortunately, one spy, a girl Henry works with, finds out Edward/Henry are having problems, right after she's gunned down after she and Henry rescue Raymond/Tom, she hears Henry revealing himself, calling for help. Henry refuses to tell Edward abut the incident, feeling his other self will kill the girl to keep him safe. Not too far from the truth; at least Henry fully understands what his other self can do. Skinner feels obliged to tell Edward what Henry left out. Why, I'm not sure. Maybe she likes baiting him. Henry is understandably upset that Edward is sleeping around, he doesn't know his other's latest lover happens to be his psychiatrist. That will be a choosy confrontation when that blows up. Henry is still grappling with Edward and his relationship to him, trouble deepening as it's revealed his son has taken up fighting. Like a part of his father, like son. Henry still doesn't trust Edward completely and it's understandable because Edward is not an extremely moral or great person. Raymond finally has a perfect excuse for "Tom's" wife: Tom's having an affair. They even have the doctored proof as evidence. Skinner oversees the couple as part of the agency's plan to sweep this under the rug. Better Tom's wife thinks he's creating than to find out the real truth. And if Raymond/Tom's anything like Edward, he's cheated on Tom's wife before. The shot female agent life is saved by an amazing act of kindness by Edward. Why he did it, I'm not really sure. Maybe Henry's rubbing off of him. Good. The major boss finds out that Edward/Henry is "broken", on his way to "kill" Edward, but Skinner, out to preserve Edward, injects the woman's other personality with real memories. She flips and storms the agency and the heat is off of Edward. It's revealed just exactly what the agency does to "broken" agents. They don't kill them, not entirely, anyway. Not physically. The real personality is wiped out forever and the other personality is kept permenately alive. Edward, not willing to go out, has injected him/Henry with something potent that will, if Edward will be forced to "retire", wipe Henry out with him. Nice guy. So what's next? Next week, it's revealed that Henry's wife may be a spy herself. Again, who isn't?moreless

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