My Own Worst Enemy

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1 Episode 7: Down Rio Way

  • When Nora explains to Henry how to operate a hand gun, we can see that Henry doesn't know anything about guns. When she told him to look at the top of the magazine to check if there's a bullet there it only gave her knowledge that the magazine has only one bullet and not whether it's full or not. Then, when Nora explained that Henry needs to take the safety off, she didn't tell him that this is a semi-automatic gun and the first bullet has to be loaded manually into the chamber otherwise it won't shoot anyway.

  • In the flashback of Edward's funeral in 1989, on his tombstone was written that he was a SGT – sergeant but in an earlier flashback when Edward was talking to Alistair Trumbull about enlistment in to the Janus program he was wearing his class A uniform with lieutenant's bars on them. In the first episode of the season, "Breakdown", Mavis Heller said to Henry that Edward was born on March 15th, 1969. In the flashback of his funeral on the tombstone was written that he was born on July 21st, 1970.

  • When Edward shot the second guard on the yacht, we could see through the night vision scope that the guard was not facing Edward directly but with a left angel. The bullet penetrated the body through the middle of guard's right chest and the exit wound should be somewhere under his right armpit on near the ribs on the right side of the body. However, when the guard was falling we clearly saw that he had a huge exit wound in the middle of his back, such wound he could have receive only if he was shot by someone facing directly in front of him.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: That Is Not My Son

  • Factual Error:
    When rescuing Raymond and Dietrich in China, the Volkswagen that Edward/Henry escape in is a left-hand drive model. However, all vehicles in China are right-hand drive.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Hummingbird

  • Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell previously starred together in Star Trek: First Contact, as Lily Sloane and Zephram Cochrane respectively.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Breakdown

  • Since we clearly see them all using cellular phones and pretty new ones, we can estimate that the time frame of the events is now days. At the beginning in France, Edward said that he needed KGB to know that he is in Paris. Since 1991 KGB doesn't exist anymore and is know under new name of FSB.

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