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MTV - Music Television Premiered Sep 01, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Fans are so obsessed with certain celebrities and their friends are really concerned with them, so the vicitim and their friends go to the studio and they see their favorite celebrity set up, then some candidates come in they answer questions .

    I like this show. My favorite episode was when the girl who was obsessed with Snoop Dog picked the dark guy I thought that it was very sweet. The only part I don't like about the show is that fact that some one out of two contestants couldn't sing at all, and the fact that sometimes the picker picks the video that the contestants will do. Other than that, the show is great and they need to do more episodes. This is something I can watch when I get bored. Some of the skits were creative and interesting please do more episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • i love this show!!!!

    well first of all this show is totally awsome!!!! it is interestingg. it is also entertaining , the best part of watching the show is trying to guess who he or she is going to stay with and what he or she thinks about their choice once they find out who it is... this show is funny because sometimes the mothers are more fun and wild than their daughters or sons and the guys or girls choose the mom thinking that their children might be wilder than they are but it turns out to be the total opposite....this show rokks!!!!!!!
  • Boring!

    Who cares about people finding a date? Its pointless and stupid. The show itself is ghetto. I cannot stand this show. It should end very, very soon. The singing part is the worst and I suggest getting some earplugs if you are going to watch this. The questions they ask are dumb and seriously who cares how much people know if you like them for who they are. Overall, I hate this show and I do not recommend watching this show at all. Looks like that it all I have to say about this horrible, horrible show. Thank You!! HORRIBLE!
  • This show is the worst!

    Who thinks of this crap. I think this might be the worst show on television. I mean, "my own". I personally think that all of these dating shows are stupid? I mean, do they even end up going on a date together, and why do these people want to pretend to be a celebrity to win the approval of another. I mean, I'm now getting a little deep, but this show is just stupid. There is nothing that the people will have in common part from the celebrity obsession, or in some cases just a general liking, so they will not be boasting excellent conversation or relationships. There is just no point to this show; the relationships from this show clearly will not last so I think MTV should pull this, along with Laguna Beach.