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Mel, Josh and Lucy Barker have been in foster care since their parents died, and have survived being shoved around into various new families. But this time they've ended up in the care of two aliens, Sophie and Brian, who have recently landed on earth. Now it's up to the children to keep their foster parents' real identities secret whilst dealing with the normal problems of everyday life.

A Granada Production for Children's ITV.

Awards & Nominations

2001: RTS Awards: won Best Children's Drama Banff Television Festival: won Best Children's Programme for episode "The Family Way"

2002: RTS Awards: won Best Children's Fiction Programme for episode "Enter the Duck"

2003: BAFTA Awards: Best Drama.

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  • I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this show. It was not anything completely childish and mindless. It gets worse in the later series, though.

    I was very skeptic about this show before I watched it myself. My sister was telling me how good it was but it sounded kind of boring to me. I was expecting it to have some incredibly childish humour in it. However, when I once sat down to watch an episode, I was hooked. I watch it with my sister as often as possible.

    I think the overall idea is brilliant and the fact that there are two aliens in the house, gives a good source of humour via conflict and I like the fact that the parent-child stereotypes are reversed so that most of the time the children are educating the parents rather than the other way round. Lots of humour also comes via misunderstandings, cross-purposes and embarrassment (it makes you go: "Oh God, I can't watch this, it's so embarrassing").

    However, I strongly disliked the fact that the children changed in the later seasons (I stopped watching at that point, my rating is therefore based on the early series). They should have ended the show rather than try and replace the great characters of Mel, Josh and Lucy. Also adding DJ to the family annoyed me slightly. I personally like those episodes with the original five characters the most.moreless
  • This show combines great characters with funny situations creating a wonderful show.

    To be honest I think My parents are aliens is not funny but it is amazingly "homsy" . Homsy is a word I made up when I feel really connected to a show. As if it is part of my world. My parents are aliens had everything I wanted to believe in. Aliens coming from outer space who are trying to live in a social community but only have all their effort put into large mistakes.

    The storylines of my Parents are Aliens are very good. The morphing into each other was great. Mel was my favourite character and I was upset when she let but I also did like as her replacement or as the new character Harry.

    The acting of this show is pretty good alhough the actress playing Lucy needed a little more emotion but she still did a great job. My parents are aliens got better every season but I have to say the seventh season was the best which included Brian making his own relegion, Sophie wanting to be like Marry Poppins and a fight with the neighbours. The way My parents are aliens ended was great but I wish it never did. If you like lovable characters, interesting storylines, alien behaviour and life of teenagers related stories then you will love the never forgotten in my heart show " My Parents are Aliens ".moreless
  • My Parents are Aliens attempts to be funny but isn't, is unoriginal in many ways and simply bores you to death.

    Josh, Mel and Lucy were in a foster home until some strange adults came to adopt them. They agreed that they would give it a go, and so they went with them. It soon turns out that the reason they are so wierd is because they are Aliens. First they think about turning them in, but they soon discover that having Alien Parents isn't so bad and when the foster home worker comes to inspect, the children work as hard as they can to cover up the fact that they are aliens. But, it's all gone wrong! Brian (one of the aliens) has changed his look (these aliens can form any body they want) because the old one was somebody on the run from the police! And it's no better for the female alien (forgot her name) because she is a rabbit/hamster/something (not watched it for a long time :P)

    It seems like a good storyline, but the way it is put together just isn't right. Not worth watching at all.moreless
  • Tedious.

    Meet the comedy show without the comedy! It's early life on the drawing boards made it seem an almost acceptable children's show, but between then and now it's been adopted as a family show.

    It isn't.

    The problem with it is that it's now over-foreseen. I wouldn't mind it if it were being viewed by the right audience, but it isn't. And that's the real problem.

    If it's shown on channels such as Nickelodeon you'd presume it would be for young teenagers, including me. And as a young teenage show, it fails.

    Unfortunately, the this has caused complete chaos with those who should be watching this show and those who are. And there's one thing in the middle which we're forgetting about: the show. It comes out this fight twisted and bruised.

    And if it can't work out it's audience, what chance does this show have?moreless
  • Stupid!

    WTH(What the hell) is this? This is one of the most retarded shows on TV today it originally aired on CITV in 1999 and it's on hiatus but somehow in 2005 Nick UK got the rights to show repeats of this show. How can anyone love this show? It's stupid and not funny i am surprised that most people love this show and don't come running to me saying you hate me if you love this unfunny crap it's my opinion and i'm not gonna change it. Plus it's idea about kids getting adopted by aliens may sound like a good idea but a show like this one? How can this show make anyone laugh? It may make everyone else laugh but i for one hate this show.moreless
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