My Parents Are Aliens

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Season 8
    • Earthworm Custard
      Earthworm Custard
      Episode 15
    • Winter Blunderland
      Winter Blunderland
      Episode 14
      Brian and Sophie want to give the kids their best-ever Christmas – but accidentally cause a nuclear meltdown, and the kids face a countdown to the end of the world...
    • Big Head
      Big Head
      Episode 13
      Sophie gets carried away by praise which makes her head swell, quite literally! There's a karaoke sing-off between Jaq and Selena in the cafe, and the twins get very competitive over school best-behaviour badges. Mr. Rockwell turns train-spotter and Eddie and Stewie try to join his club.
    • The Plague
      The Plague
      Episode 12
      Brian is being operated on by Becky and the family. Becky needs to get some of Brian's insides in order to stop the mutated flu virus that is melting him.
    • Dan the Man
      Dan the Man
      Episode 11
      Brian sets fire to the toilets at school to allow Dan to become a hero. Meanwhile, Jaq somehow ends up on a landfill site. And there's a strange old man in the house asking for a cup of tea.

    • Lord of the Bling
      Lord of the Bling
      Episode 10
      Brian finds something rather valuable on the beach, takes Dan and Eddie out shopping and gets all "blinged up." Sophie helps Becky with a school project and takes matters in hand when Miss Heather doesn't give her the mark she thinks she deserves.
    • The Great Cake Robbery
      Brian becomes a cake thief, while Sophie strives to become the Best Mum in the World to her little Dan.
    • Becky the Freak
      Becky the Freak
      Episode 8
      Mr. Rockwell makes his first visit to the new house right in the middle of Brian's cross-dressing phase. Rivalries in the school canteen reach boiling point and Sophie (also in cross-dressing mode) embarrasses her family and herself in The Shack.
    • Rain Stops Play
      Rain Stops Play
      Episode 7
      It's raining and the kids are fed up. So Sophie opens a fun-park in the house.
    • Abandon Chip!
      Abandon Chip!
      Episode 6
      Chip, an American exchange student, comes to visit. Jaq's not very keen on him, but Brian takes him under his wing. Then Chip starts to suspect that Brian may not be all he seems. Meanwhile, Sophie somehow gets caught up in a robbery at the school.
    • Home Is Where the Dart Is
      Eddie is discovered to be a darts genius and Sophie coaches him in the finer points of "Arrows". Brian wants revenge on Jaq for finishing his jigsaw puzzle - and who wouldn't? But Chinese Limeade Torture may be a bit strong.

      Welcome to the cafe Mrs. Monkfish, Blaise's boss.

    • The Babysitter
      The Babysitter
      Episode 4
      Brian and Sophie discover that, in order to "go out" (well, trash The Shack) they need "a babysitter."

      Meanwhile, Jaq's plans to dupe her new foster parents are ruined by that Selena girl, whom Eddie is taking a bit of a shine to.
    • Spies and Dolls
      Spies and Dolls
      Episode 3
      Brian becomes paranoid about Jaq's safety and Sophie gets into playing dolls... with Eddie. Meanwhile, at school, Dan and Dinesh find coping with their new responsibilities has rewards and drawbacks where girls are concerned.
    • Ship of Friends
      Ship of Friends
      Episode 2
      Sophie and Brian go about finding new friends for themselves. Sophie befriends Miss Heather at the school and Brian makes a new friend in Bob.
    • Meteor Parents
      Meteor Parents
      Episode 1
      We learn what happened to Brian and Sophie after they crash landed again at the end of Series 7. They have had to morph the spaceship into a completely new house, but this time it's by the sea. They have also had all their memories of living on Earth wiped out, and they adopt four new kids.moreless
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