My Parents Are Aliens

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • My Parents are Aliens attempts to be funny but isn't, is unoriginal in many ways and simply bores you to death.

    Josh, Mel and Lucy were in a foster home until some strange adults came to adopt them. They agreed that they would give it a go, and so they went with them. It soon turns out that the reason they are so wierd is because they are Aliens. First they think about turning them in, but they soon discover that having Alien Parents isn't so bad and when the foster home worker comes to inspect, the children work as hard as they can to cover up the fact that they are aliens. But, it's all gone wrong! Brian (one of the aliens) has changed his look (these aliens can form any body they want) because the old one was somebody on the run from the police! And it's no better for the female alien (forgot her name) because she is a rabbit/hamster/something (not watched it for a long time :P)

    It seems like a good storyline, but the way it is put together just isn't right. Not worth watching at all.