My Parents Are Aliens

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • This show combines great characters with funny situations creating a wonderful show.

    To be honest I think My parents are aliens is not funny but it is amazingly "homsy" . Homsy is a word I made up when I feel really connected to a show. As if it is part of my world. My parents are aliens had everything I wanted to believe in. Aliens coming from outer space who are trying to live in a social community but only have all their effort put into large mistakes.

    The storylines of my Parents are Aliens are very good. The morphing into each other was great. Mel was my favourite character and I was upset when she let but I also did like as her replacement or as the new character Harry.

    The acting of this show is pretty good alhough the actress playing Lucy needed a little more emotion but she still did a great job. My parents are aliens got better every season but I have to say the seventh season was the best which included Brian making his own relegion, Sophie wanting to be like Marry Poppins and a fight with the neighbours. The way My parents are aliens ended was great but I wish it never did. If you like lovable characters, interesting storylines, alien behaviour and life of teenagers related stories then you will love the never forgotten in my heart show " My Parents are Aliens ".