My Pet Monster

ABC (ended 1987)


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  • This show along with Bionic 6 was amongst my favorites but it wasnt as good as most since it was based on a one hit wonder toy whose fad didn't last that long. I did like that it had an Asian character in Chuckie. He was the quirky inventor pal of Max.

    This show has had me stumped for quite some time. My favorite line is when they were going to use a flashlight on Beastur at night time and Chuckie came up with the idea of using a solar-powered flashlight to which Max replies, "A solar-powered flashlight? That's dumb, Chuckie!".

    I couldn't remember for the life of me where I remembered that line from but finally, after extensive internet research, I discovered that it was from this show that featured Max, Chuckie and Max's sister (forgot her name).

    I LOVE that line.

    I feel sorry for today's kids as they don't have the quality of toons that we had growing up.
  • I can remember getting up every Saturday and Sunday morning to watch on CFRN-TV channel 3 at 6am. I wish they would make a collection of Saturday morning cartoons and include My Pet Monster

    My Pet Monster. Well to begin off I like the fact that even though this cartoon was good for its time Each episode had its great moment making you think of how the writers came up with the ideas. Too bad it got pulled off the air. Still a classic