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  • Season 2
    • The Beggining Of An Era
      This is the grand final of My Restaurant Rules season 2. After many tiring days and long hours of hard work Sydney and Adelaide are waiting anxiously to find out out who the winner is. The winner of My Restaurant Rules season 2 is.........Adelaide! Adelaide is the winner and gets to keep their restaurant which they have rased from the ground.moreless
    • W.O.W
      Episode 31
      The efforts are terrific from both teams as we watch them campaign for the finals.
    • Down To 2
      Down To 2
      Episode 30
      The polls are in and its time to hand in the keys...Melbourne. Now there was the final 2. The campaigns started for the final episode which will determine who wins My Restaurant Rules.
    • Time To Look For A Job
      Adelaide and Melbourne are up for eviction this week. We watch both teams make horrible efforts in campaigns.
    • Long Time...No See!
      The judges are back again today to review each restaurant yet one more time. They could see improvements with all of them, which were left.
    • Coming To An End
      Coming To An End
      Episode 27
      Today our couples talked about how far they have come and how close the finals are, as well a running a restaurant.
    • Time To Say Goodbye
      The polls are in and they public have decided that one restaurant will shut down. That restaurant is in Brisbane. Once again the emotions are high when saying goodbye to out Brisbane couple.
    • It's That Time Again
      Today we heard what the 4 girls thought of each restaurant. They also voted for which 2 restaurants will be nominated.
    • And Back They Came
      And Back They Came
      Episode 24
      Instead of the 3 judges choosing who is up for nomination, they four girls of the four restaurants were called to Sydney were they were told that they will be judging. They went around to all of the 4 restaurants and told them camera what they thought.
    • When Celebrities Take A Wonder
      Today our Sydney couple at the Pink Salt were the hosts for a group of celebrities after a tired day of work.
    • And Then There Were 4
      None of the teams wanted to loser the Restaurant which they spent such long hours creating but they don't have a choice. Today Perth was kicked out, even though they were expecting it, it was a shock to everyone else.
    • In Preperation
      In Preperation
      Episode 21
      The judges told each duo what they thought of their restaurants and didn't hold back. The 2 restaurants up for eviction were Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.
    • Guess Who's Back?
      Guess Who's Back?
      Episode 20
      After the Melbourne duo got replaced by the new couple in town everything was back to normal but not for long. The judges were back and not accepting any excuses this time round.
    • And Then It Got Interesting
      Today was just another day where we saw the everyday life of running a Restaurant. Also out Sydney team at the Pink Salt break into tears when their staff get twitchy and all hell brakes loose.
    • Secret Reviewer Almost Busted
      Today a secret reviewer/s were sent into each restaurant to secretly review them. Their review was then sent into the local newspaper of each city.
    • Betrayals Rock The Perth Crew
      The new Melbourne couple begged the original staff to stay but were not satisfied with the results. The good kitchen staff left but most of the other crew stayed. Perth was happy to here that their rivals weren't doing so well.
    • Rob & Dan Receive Their Marching Orders
      The public polls were tallied and it's time for the Melbourne mates to pack their bags and welcome in the new tenants of the restaurant.
    • The Cooks, Thieves, Staff & In-Laws
      Melbourne had a rough day today because 2 members of staff were sick, a thieve was about there restaurant, the cooks were getting irritated by some of the expecting of the customers and one of the guys in law came in to help out!
    • Strategy & Stress As Elimination Looms

      Today we continued watching Melbourne and Perth campaign for the restaurants.

    • Melbourne & Perth Hit The Campaign Trail
      Today another twist was revealed which is that Melbourne and Perth have to come up with campaigns to the public of why they should not be replaced by another due.
    • It's Melbourne vs. Perth
      The judges discussed the restaurants and decided that Melbourne and Perth were up for nomination. They was a twist, the most voted restaurant by the public won't be voted off but simple kicked out and replaced by another pair of eager people.
    • Melbourne's Dirty Secrets Revealed
      Today we found out that the Melbourne guys have been keeping a secret which was that were the public couldn't see the place was a mess. The judges got really angry especially when they found a dead rat in the office.
    • Surprise Dinner Guests
      Today on My Restaurant Rules our 5 teams are the surprise hosts for the 3 judges. The judges liked some of the restaurants but couldn't find a good quality in some of the others.
    • Reality Bites
      Reality Bites
      Episode 9
      As all the teams finally think they have got the idea of how to run a good restaurant they are proved wrong. The customers complained about every little thing that went wrong.
    • Let's Get Ready To Rumble
      Today we continue watching the 5 teams cope with every day life of running a restaurant. Also the Perth team finally open their restaurant after some difficulties.
    • And They're Off & Racing!
      Today 4 out of the 5 teams open their restaurants at last. We watch them cope with the long hours, first deliveries and attitudes of customers.
    • First Steps To A Restaurant Dream
      Today we watch the 5 teams work with their builders to build their dream restaurant. Also the 5 teams report back to Sydney to try and get money from the judges to go towards their Restaurant.
    • Good Help Is Hard To Find
      Today our five teams faced the ultimate challenge of finding the right waiters, chefs, cooks, cleaners and more. A few of the teams were fine with their staff but the others weren't having fun!
    • VIP Guests With Big Wallets Booked In
      Today our five teams were brought to a five star hotel in Sydney where they were all put in the kitchen and told that they have a challenge to make 120 mains, appetizers and desserts within the time limit of 4 hours. They were also told that 120 people will be eating the food they make and they will judge it. Some of the contestants passed but some just didn't get it. At the end they were brought to the tables and found out that there weren't any actual people eating the food.moreless
    • Setting Up Is Hard To Do
      Today we see our five teams fight, shed tears, give up and get twitchy as they try to set up their restaurant, give it a name and find appropriate furniture for their restaurant's theme.
    • Judge Matt Puts The Contestants Through Their Paces
      Today Judge Matt runs through the basics in running a good restaurant and gives all the teams some tips, hints and numbers to help them along the way. Also the 5 teams come up with ideas for their Restaurant.
    • From Day Job To Dream Job
      Today is the first episode of the second season of My Restaurant Rules. Today we meet and learn the 5 brand new teams and watch them enter their abandoned properties were they have to build their restaurants from scratch as well as hire brand new staff.
  • Season 1