My Secret Identity

CTV (ended 1991)


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  • Season 3
    • A Bank, a Holdup, a Robber and a Hero
      Andrew, Erin, their mother, Dr. J and Kirk all witness a bank robbery; but they all seem to have a different take on what happened.
    • My Old Flame
      My Old Flame
      Episode 23
      In the middle of the school parking lot, Andrew runs into an old girlfriend, Krista. Trouble is, she's Kirk's girl now. Kirk becomes jealous of the existing relationship between Andrew and Krista, while they try to convince him they anything that felt for each other is long over.
    • Big Business
      Big Business
      Episode 22
      Andrew gets a job with McCaffrey Adverstising with one knob of a boss. After using his superpowers under the guise of special effects, he gets promoted to the position the girl he likes, Veronica, wanted. Can Andrew find a way to keep his job and encourage Veronica to go after her dreams as well?moreless
    • Slave for a Day
      Slave for a Day
      Episode 21
      Andrew helps his mom out by volunteering for the "Rent-a-slave" charity event. A middle-aged man bids extremely high for Andrew and after talking to the man, he finds out the man's daughter is very shy, and he want Andrew to take her out on a date. After Andrew begins to fall in love with her, he tries to return the money the man paid for him, but Andrew's new love finds out! Can Andrew explain how much he cares about her and win her back?moreless
    • Dr. J's Brain Machine
      This episode was the first, last, and only clip show for MSI.
      While Andrew is helping Dr. J with a new invention that is intended to help people regain lost memories, lightning strikes and Andrew's memories are wiped. Dr. J desperately tries to replace the memories by eight o'clock, when the two of them are expected at Erin's recital.
    • The Great Indoors
      The Great Indoors
      Episode 19
      The Clements family is heading up to their cottage for the weekend to prepare it for its new owner. Dr. Jeffcoate is coming along to help, and Kirk is coming along for reasons unknown to anyone. At the last minute, and after some not-so-subtle hints, Mrs. Shellenbach gets herself invited along but turns it down because it's her weekend for serving on WHARP - Women's Helicopter Action Rescue Program.moreless
    • Three Men and a Skull
      Dr. J's brother, Hartley, is in town after discovering what he believes to be the oldest human fossil. However, when Hartley entrusts the skull to Dr. J, a burgler switches the skull for a fake!
    • The Invisible Dr. J
      There's a new principle at Briarwood, sent there to curtail the discipline problem. In a botched attempt to impress him, Andrew and Kirk wind up on his bad side.
    • From the Trenches
      From the Trenches
      Episode 16
      The show begins with Andrew and Kirk sitting on the couch with bad colds, complaining. They decide to write down the means by which they got the colds, which, as it turns out, was a bad date brought on by trying too hard to impress some girls.
    • Pirate Radio
      Pirate Radio
      Episode 15
      Classic Rock 108 is broadcasting from Briarwood high school, and Andrew and Kirk are not impressed with the musical selection. Andrew suggests to Kirk that the station should hire them to show how it's done.
    • My Other Secret Identity
      Andrew wants to get a part in a movie so that he can meet his favourite actress - and kiss her! Impossible? Well, it seems that way when Andrew doesn't get the part. But then he has an idea... the only role left open is for a female, so he grabs some of Stephanie's clothes and auditions as Andrea! Oh and he gets the part. Things seem messy when Alana (the actress) discovers that there is an Andrew as well as an Andrea. Although Andrew gets found out at the end, it all becomes worth it, as he finally gets his kiss!moreless
    • A Life in the Day of Dr. J
      Andrew, Kirk, Stephanie, Erin and Mrs. Shellenbach all plan to throw a surprise party for Dr. J for his 40th birthday. However, Dr. J is also having a mid-life crisis; he is apologetic but claims he doesn't have time left in his life to spend on trivial things like birthday parties. After testing out his new vertigo machine, he runs into the ghosts of birthday past, present and future... who also all share a close resemblance to the Fonz, MC Hammer and Beetlejuice.moreless
    • Trial By Peers
      Trial By Peers
      Episode 12
      While working a shift as a valet, Andrew gets searched by two cops who have been investigating robberies of valet customers. Andrew is found to have a key in his pocket and is given the choice of being tried in juvenile court, or in a new program, "Teen Court".
    • Teen Hot Line
      Teen Hot Line
      Episode 11
      Andrew and Kirk volunteer at Dr. J's new Teen Hot Line: Help for kids, from other kids. Andrew tries to help a young boy named Julian, who has an abusive, alchoholic father - while Kirk befriends a wheelchair bound girl, whoes father is too overprotective.
    • Moving Out
      Moving Out
      Episode 10
      Andrew has been breaking curfew lately, and he defends himself by saying he is ready for more responsibility. When his mother's friend needs a housesitter for a month, Andrew wishes to be given the oppourtunity. When Stephanie reluctantly agrees, Andrew is overexcited and eager to take on the challenge. However, living alone may not be all it's cracked up to be...moreless
    • Calendar Boy
      Calendar Boy
      Episode 9
      Kirk and Andrew manage to get backstage passes at a model show being held at their school. When one of the models is injured, Andrew is enlisted as his replacement. But while he is getting changed, the school photographer takes a picture of him and makes it into the year's school calendar! Andrew discovers instant popularity and money, but in the end has to make the choice of whether it's really worth it.moreless
    • Bump in Time
      Bump in Time
      Episode 8
      Andrew is late for his first day at work, and in a hurry to get there, runs into a tree and is knocked out. When Andrew awakens, he finds himself back in time in the 1960s. The adventures and friends Andrew meets there, prompts him to think about whether he really wants his job, or whether to assist Dr. J plant trees to help the environment instead.moreless
    • David's Dream
      David's Dream
      Episode 7
      David has a inoperable tumour in his brain, but he has a dream to fly in a F-16. Dr. J calls his friend who is a general in the army and gets offered a ride, but it conflicts with another event he wishes to attend: Andrew's wind-surfing race.
    • Novel Idea
      Novel Idea
      Episode 6
      Andrew authors a detective story about Nick Nolan [Andrew] who's vowed to end Slimeball's [Dr. J] criminal career. Nick has an informant named Knuckles Nichols [Kirk]. Slimeball has a rival named Pasta Fazool [Mrs. Shellenbach].
    • First Love
      First Love
      Episode 5
      Andrew falls in love with a 19 year old musician. All seems well, until he finds out that she is bound for Chile!
    • Sour Grapes
      Sour Grapes
      Episode 4
      When Dr. J is invited to have his synthetic wine tested in France, he lets Andrew and Kirk come along. While they are having the times of their lives, Dr. J finds out that somebody is out to get him, and ensure that his wine will never be tasted.
    • Drop Out
      Drop Out
      Episode 3
      Andrew and Kirk both take career direction tests, and Kirk only scores high in engineering. Kirk decides it's best to put that skill to use by dropping out of school and riding Motocross full-time. When Andrew uses his powers to save Kirk from crashing, Kirk let's it go to his head and decides to go professional. Kirk idol, a Motocross champion reveals to Kirk how he learned alot about riding from high school physics, will Kirk decide to stay at school or pursue his Motocross career?moreless
    • Trading Places
      Trading Places
      Episode 2
      After Stephanie is fed up with not being able to have fun the way she wants to, Dr. J suggest hypnosis. After Andrew and Kirk walk in on them in the middle of the session, Andrew and Kirk get hypnotised as well! Now Andrew is acting like Kirk, and Kirk is acting like Andrew! Stephanie isn't doing very well either, as she's gone off and sold the car as well as spent tons of money on clothes!moreless
    • Ground Control
      Ground Control
      Episode 1
      Andrew is grounded but is the draw of a pretty girl and a Ferrari too much to keep him out of trouble.
  • Season 2
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