My Secret Identity

CTV (ended 1991)


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  • I have been looking for this show for years and I couldn't have even guessed that the name was, "my secret identity" lol. All I could remember was that Jerry O'Connell was in the show and he could fly using air freshener.

    Jerry O'Connell has been one of my favorite actors for the majority of my life. Since I first saw "Stand By Me" I have always liked everything I have seen him in. I think it is because he doesn't take himself too seriously. Other than "Stand By Me", "My Secret Identity" was another of O'Connell's early pieces of work that made me like him as an actor. I remember being a little kid when this show came out. I would wait all week to see it every Saturday at five o'clock on channel 11, well that's what it was here in St.Louis. I asked people about this show to see if anyone else remembered it, and no one does. I decided to look it up and I found it online. Watching it now as a 29 year old in 2010 is a little different than when I was an 7 year old kid, but I still find the show entertaining and fun to watch. The show is a little on the corny side but it always was, that was part of the reason I liked it. All in all it's a really good show and good entertainment for all ages, and if I could find it on DVD I would definitely pick it up.