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My Shocking Story

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How do you cope if you are born physically different, or grow up to look extraordinarily different? What happens if you have a condition that is so rare, that many times even world medical experts cannot name it, let alone cure it? How, too, would world experts in medicine set about trying to identify and name such rare conditions, and even try to find cures? What's it like to be so different and to follow such personal journeys on film? What's it like living with massive branch-like structures encasing your hands and Feet? What's it like to be the tallest woman in the world and to meet the tallest man? What would life be like if you had been joined to your twin for the past 40 years – and then suddenly wanted a baby? My Shocking Story gives a voice to unique individuals around the world living with extraordinary abilities, physical conditions or extreme medical conditions. Using personal testimonies from our lead characters, those closest to them, and medical experts, these films give a fascinating insight into what life is like when – on the surface at least - you are not like ordinary people. We also follow their awe-inspiring journeys as they allow experts to explore the mysteries of their conditions. Why are they like this and can medical science improve their lives? What are their hopes and dreams for the future?moreless

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AIRED ON 7/23/2017

Season 3 : Episode 8

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