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My So-Called Life started in 1994 on ABC. It was very popular. It was a show that many could relate to and came off as more realistic than many other high school shows. Unfortunately, ABC cancelled it after one season. It has remained a favorite for long after. There are many questions left unresolved. If there was a season 2, would Rayanne and Angela be friends? Would Graham overcome his fidelity issues? Would Angela ditch dreamboat Jordan Catalano and go with geeky Brian Krakow? We'll never know.

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  • 1 Season: Good and Not Enough

    I watch a whole lot of TV, I'm more into Comedies, and I hardly have any Dramas that I regularly watch, but this show has got to be the most beautiful show I've ever seen. It reminds me of a book called 13 Reasons Why, which is also of teen drama genre and just as amazing and relatable to me.

    It is, like, an absolutely realistic portrayal of high school life and, like, it goes into some subjects that are so, like, dark and serious. A gun firing at school; being booted out of your own house; betrayal of friendship; it's just unbelievable what they've gotten into and handled so perfectly. And the characters are all so, like, unique and, like, real, and beautiful. Angela Chase; her sister, Danielle; her parents, Patty and Graham; her schoolmates, Enrique "Ricky" Vasquez, Rayanne Graff, Sharon Cherski, Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano, even the smaller recurring and one-timers. They all suffer so beautifully and are so imperfect, you can't help but fall in love with each of them. I found myself more interested with Angela's story rather than her parents stories, but still, absolutely wonderful.

    To explain the title of this review; Because of low ratings and Claire Danes not willing to do another, the show was cancelled after one season. One season was not enough, with what the season left us with, it could've been great for the next season. It left us wanting more. But even though it's run was short, the show was already good enough to satisfy me.

    I just can't express enough how much I love this show. If only I was a teenager at the time this show was on so that I would know what it's like for all the others. But instead, I'm proud to say that this show had first aired the year I was born. Go 1994!moreless
  • 2012 and still the best

    i just started watching it and i love it and what was going in around abc family's head when they cancelled this amazing show. i'm really mad i have so many questions that will never be answered. Can't they just keep the season going with different characters ? I LOVE THIS SHOW and ugh i just cant believe it's cancelled.
  • Great teen drama of the 90's!


    My So Called Life was a great 90's drama that only lasted one season. Angela was the lead character, much a the show revolved around her obsession with Jordan, and her struggle to be an individual while having very involved parents. Angela has a set of old friends who she use to be close to, but are really the cool image that she now wants to project. She starts hanging out with a cooler and more troubled crowd including Rae Anne, and Ricky. Angela has a younger sister Danielle, who at times feels left out. Danielle admires Angela very much.

    One of the greatest things about this show is that the characters talk the way teens actually talk, as well as get involved with some of the schemes kids were actually doing at that time. Raves, abandon house for make out parties, drugs and alcohol, rock bands, hair dye, flannel shirts etc. It was a 90's show for 90's teens, very in the moment.

    Although at times irritating the parents on this show were a good balance. They wanted to be their for their kids but also wanted to give them their space. We often saw some of their problems and how those problems also effected the kids instead of always vise versa.Adultery, spicing up a marriage, health problems, death are just some of the problems tackled by the adult relationships.

    I greatly enjoyed this show when it was on and still enjoy watching the dvds today. I wish it could of had a longer run, other than that it is perfect. Long live the 90's!

  • Possibly the best drama on tv ever.

    I feel like I am actually observing the life of a teenager when I am watching this show. When I watch this show on dvd, I feel like I am right in the room with them. That is exactly how realistic this show is. Most teen shows these days are all about kids just playing silly jokes on each other. It was nice to go back to a time when teens did not have cell phones glued to their ears, or a computer in every room of their house. Yet this show seems so modern. It seems like this show was filed very recently. If you had never seen the show, you probably would not notice that it is about 14 years old. And I remember going through most of what every character on that show went through. The awkwardness of the school dance, the comparison of school to a battleground. No other show truly portrayed teen life as what it truly is. Difficult, confusing and scary.moreless
  • A show about teens growing in fast paced world. Moreover, the story of their understading of knowing what place they have in this world.

    I remember to this day the joy it brought to my life watching that show. I felt as I was apart of the show, going thru the same tribulations as the characters. They weren't even characters they were like my friends. I was one of those who signed a petition to save the show, "my show." Little did I know tht Claire Danes had a hand in the desmise of the show, very disappointing. Well, it what it is and I still love her. But I wish they consider in bringing the show back. There are, I am sure so many unknown stars in the world tht can make this show great again. Someone should hold like a world wide talent search. I mean even look at shows like, it doesn't even compare, but like 90210 they are making it work. So please bring it back!moreless

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      The absolute best episode of My So-Called Life, was the Christmas episode with the angel. What do you think?
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    • Favorite Character?
      I think my favorite character is Rayanne. She's so funny and can be really serious (when she read that scene from "Our Town")

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