My So-Called Life

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1995 on ABC
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Angela realizes she is over Jordan and is into someone else. But Brian Krakow catches Rayanne and Jordan on tape having sex.

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  • An ok episode but i expected more. (Spoilers in review)

    So the episode starts with Angela reeling over the fact that she is finally over Jordan and she dances around to "Blister in the Sun" to prove it. And then at school she encourages Rayanne to try out for a part in the new school production of "Our Town." Rayanne auditions but basically just pretends to be the sweet and innocent Angela when she's acting it all out. But Rayanne thinks she sucked and will not get the part so she goes out later with Rickie to an after school hangout and gets depressed and starts to drink.

    Meanwhile Brian has persuaded Sharon into making a yearbook video for the yearbook and basically goes around the school and after school hangouts to capture the essence of high school and the students who go there. Brian ends up filming people from school at the hangout Rayanne went to to get drunk and starts filming Rayanne and Jordan talking and eventually going outside together to hang.

    Outside Jordan and Rayanne are talking to each other, but mainly about Angela. Rayanne complains that she won't get the part in the school play and says that Angela is pretty much the most perfect person ever and gets even more depressed and drunk. Jordan is so clearly and obviously pining away for Angela and Rayanne's talk about her, makes him want her back and he gets even more depressed and drunk with her. And because they are both sad, they end up doing it together in the back of Jordan's car. Unlucky for them, Brian has filmed everything on video tape. And of course Brian ends up blabbing to Sharon, who blabs to her other friend, while Angela unwittingly overhears everything in the girls bathroom. Brian also tells Rickie as well. Angela at first doesn't believe any of it, but Rickie tells her otherwise; it's all true. And the consequences of Rayanne's action with Jordan unfolds and takes up the rest of the episode...

    I didn't really like this episode. Mainly because i have seen this plot before. I know it may have been new and refreshing back in the day, but it didn't set itself apart from other similar plots in other shows i have watched. It was ok, and it didn't keep me captivated throughout. But the performances where really good, the plot was just, kinda boring.moreless
  • This episode is about Angela deciding that she is finally over Jordan. Just when she has decided this, Brian catches Rayanne and Jordan having sex on videotape.

    I looooove this episode because it is soooo exciting. I mean the whole Jordan and Rayanne thing has kind of taken me aback. I mean those two together? Angela says she over Jordan, but really isn't. I mean if she really was then she wouldn't have gotten as mad as she did when she found out about it. But by Sharon telling her the truth shows how much of a friend she really is. Angela should have believed her when she told her. Rayanne is a lousy and bad friend. I mean she did that with no guilt or anything. By Angela not talking to Rayanne, she really taught her a lesson. Angela was equally as wrong when she went after Cory when she knew Ricky liked him. But she did see from Ricky's point of view when he confronted her with this. She shouldn't have ever forgiven Jordan though. I mean he was also equally as wrong, he knew that was her best friend. If she was gonna forgive Jordan, she should have forgiven Rayanne also. I think she shouldn't have forgiven either one of them. Both were in the wrong.moreless
  • This episode starts out as Brian videotaping Rayanne and Jordan getting into the car having sex. And Sharon tells Angela about it and she doesn't believe it. But when she goes to ask Rickie about it he confirms it.moreless

    This is my favorite episode in the series even though

    this was the series finale. I wished they never took it

    off the air. Just like in the summary says there is a

    lot of questions left raised. I now I want to know

    whether or not Angela and Rayanne remain friends or if

    Angela starts back going out with Jordan. The problem

    in the situation is that Rayanne didn't confess to Angela

    and she had to find out by someone else.moreless
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    • Rayanne: I've never really hurt somebody this bad before... Hard to believe! I mean, but I guess you can't hurt somebody this bad, unless you really matter to them.

    • Angela: You cannot believe the number Sharon Cherski just pulled on me.

    • Angela: (voiceover) I loved Jordan Catalano so much, and talked about him so much, and thought about him so much, it was like he lived inside me. Like he had taken possession of my soul, or something. And then one day... I got over him! (Angela dances and sings to "Blister In The Sun")

    • Angela: Where is the tape Brian?!
      Brian: Tape-what tape?
      Angela: Don't play dumb with me! You know! THE tape!

    • Rayanne: You lost nothing, Angela. You lost nothing; you lost a lousy selfish friend and a guy you never really had. You lost nothing. I lost a really good friend.

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    • Brian: Yeah, I was influenced by Spielberg, um, but I think my recent work is more like Tarantino, only less violent.

      Steven Spielberg, an American film director, is the highest grossing filmmaker of all time.
      Quentin Tarantino, an American film director, is known for nonlinear story lines and stylized violence.

    • Rayanne auditions for the part of Emily in the Pulitzer-Prize winning play "Our Town" written by Thornton Wilder and first produced in 1938. In this tale of life, love and death (as the names of the three acts indicate), the character of fourteen year-old Emily is the opposite of Rayanne: sweet and innocent, a top student at school engaged to a doctor's son. When we see her again nine years later, Emily has just died in childbirth but lingers to say goodbye to the things she loved. At the end of the episode, Rayanne gives a moving performance of Emily's farewell monologue, a performance she claims is based on her imitation of Angela for her purity and kindness.