My So-Called Life

Season 1 Episode 11

Life Of Brian

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1994 on ABC
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Brian's life is a constant struggle over what he wants to express and the ramblings that escape from his mouth; everyone feels like the outsider at the "World Happiness Dance" at school; Patty pressures Graham into taking a continuing education cooking class.

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  • What goes on in Brian's head.

    I'm a bit biased here. I love Brian Krakow's character so i thought this episode was a treat! What does he think about under all that hair? Good thing for Brian in this episode is that, he's found out the new girl, Delia likes him. And after talking about wallpapers and how much you like wallpapers with Angela's dad, he asks Delia out to the World Happiness Dance. But he blows it when he thinks that Angela's tagging along with them is some form of date, and ends up embarrassing himself in front of her. At least he had a little bit of dignity in the end by telling Angela off, GO BRIAN!

    This was a nice break of what goes on in Ang's head. It was refreshing and it just showed how really crazy in love Brian is with Angela. You really sympathised with his loveless plight. I thought it was so mean when Jordan said something and Angela completely agreed with it, then later Brian said the exact same thing and Angela thought it was the most stupidest thing she ever heard. That was like... ouch. It just goes to show how much of a mindless drone Angela is for Jordan... I really enjoyed this episode. It was awesome.moreless
  • \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"life of brian\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ is an amazingly good epeisode, i loved it cause brian's really cute and they whole plot just rocks!!!

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"life of brian\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" is an amazingly good epeisode, it tells the life on brian krackow and like life through his eyes, In the episode he relizes that a new girl Deila Fisher is like in love with him, and after being totally convinced by sharon cheriski to go to this "world happeness dance", hes a little unsure about going with deila, or Angela the one he truly desires, even though Angela wants to go with jordan catalano, who dosnt go yo school dances so , she desides to go with ricki and rayanne-but her plans are toally reunied when she relizes rayannes not going and ricki's already got a"so-called date" with some guy, so she asks brian if she can go with him, but not WITH him, because she finds out she desides to go with delia, so brian like totally get the wrong idea and breaks off the date with delia and, when he tells angela that delia cant make it and it will just be her and him there like together, she gets totally upset, meanwhile sharon cheriski who like made the world happeness dance, has like no date cause kyle who seems to be too "busy\", just dosent get around to asking, but when she confronts him about going, he asks her. SO at the dance everything is like really just goes wrong, angela yells at brian when she sees delia fisher at the dance, and when brian tells ricki he cant hang out with him and angela 'cause they might wanna dance', angela totally get mad, and like calls brian heartless, and walks out of the dance to go see jordan catalano, meanwhile sharon is having a horrible time with kyle, and ricki's date gets bored of rickie and wonders where rayanne is, so in the end it seems like the world happeness dance, just makes everyones life like-unhappy.moreless

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    • Brian: (VO) My mother's a behavioral psychologist, and my father's a Freudian psychiatrist, which basically means they fundamentally disagree on, like, everything.

    • Brian: Those morning glories aren't lined up. Um, in my room, one seam is a little off and I stare at it constantly. It's, like, destroying me.

    • Angela: Why would... We're NOT going to dance.
      Brian: I realise that. Look it wasn't some big plan or anything. I don't even believe in making plans. Whatever happens, happens.
      Angela: That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    • Angela: You're right, Rickie. I couldn't possibly understand having an obsession for a person I have zero hope of ever becoming involved with... We're hopeless.

    • Brian: I became yearbook photographer because I liked the idea that I could sort of watch life without having to be part of it. But when you're yearbook photographer you're, like, never in the picture.

    • Angela: Brian, this was all my fault.
      Brian (VO): Her hair smelled incredible.
      Angela: I mean, I ruined your night. And Delia's night. I should have just stayed out of it.
      Brian (VO): Like this orange grove we passed when I was eight on our way to see my grandmother.
      Angela: And I can't really explain why I even got involved. But I'm sorry.
      Brian (VO): But I guess that's just, like, her shampoo, or whatever.

    • Angela: What did you tell Rickie?
      Brian: I told him not to come over here.
      Angela: But, he's my friend.
      Brian: Yeah, I know. He's mine, too. But, just in case we wanted, like, privacy...
      Angela: Why would we want privacy?!
      Brian: Well, just in case...
      Angela: What do you think is going on here, Crackow?
      Brain: Well, uh...
      Angela: What did you tell Delia? I explained to you why I wanted a ride to the dance! And it wasn't to come with you! You don't understand people, Crackow. You're so heartless!

    • Brian: Finally, an erection from actual physical contact!

  • NOTES (4)

    • In this episode the voice overs are done by Brian, not Angela. The only other episode in the series with another character saying the voice overs was Danielle in "Weekend".

    • A.J. Langer had the chicken pox during the filming of this episode. She contaminated all the makeup and it had to be thrown out.
      The original script was changed because A.J. couldn't film all of her scenes.

    • German episode title: "Wilde Herzen" (Wild Hearts)
      French episode title: "La vie de Brian" (Life of Brian)

    • Music: "South Carolina" by Archers of Loaf; "Dawn Can't Decide" by The Lemonheads; "Dropout" by Urge Overkill; "Pressure" by Sunscreem; "What is Love?" by Haddaway; "Try" by Billy Pilgrim.


    • The episode title is an allusion to the Monty Python's "Life of Brian", a cult British movie released in 1979 in which the eponymous character is born in the stable next door to Jesus and spends his life being mistaken for a messiah.