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  • One of the greats

    I just re-watched the pilot of this series, which was every bit as good as I remembered it being from two decades ago.

    I recall my feelings about this show so strongly. The acting was amazing, especially, of course, Claire Danes, who gave one of the greatest performances in TV history. But all the kids were terrific. And the scripts were amazing as well, beautifully capturing the crazed nature of teenagers, and of how their madness affects those around them (like the way Angela's sister tries to get some attention when it's all going to Angela).

    I was really into this show. I spent my time on a forum discussing it all the time. Having spent high school hiding out in the library, for me this show was a peek into that exotic world I'd avoided.

    I was less enamored of the scenes with only adults. Apparently Danes was so young that legally she could only be in half the scenes, so they didn't have much choice but to spend time with the adults. But they were uninteresting, and I found the mother unlikable (much in the way I found Hope unlikable in the producer's earlier show, thirtysomething - they tended to make their peripheral adult women far more interesting and likable than their main adult women). That's what keeps me from rating the series a 10.

    There were problems here and there, with the scripts, with certain characters, but overall, it was amazing. I was heartbroken when this show was cancelled. But it was great while it lasted.
  • 1 Season: Good and Not Enough

    I watch a whole lot of TV, I'm more into Comedies, and I hardly have any Dramas that I regularly watch, but this show has got to be the most beautiful show I've ever seen. It reminds me of a book called 13 Reasons Why, which is also of teen drama genre and just as amazing and relatable to me.

    It is, like, an absolutely realistic portrayal of high school life and, like, it goes into some subjects that are so, like, dark and serious. A gun firing at school; being booted out of your own house; betrayal of friendship; it's just unbelievable what they've gotten into and handled so perfectly. And the characters are all so, like, unique and, like, real, and beautiful. Angela Chase; her sister, Danielle; her parents, Patty and Graham; her schoolmates, Enrique "Ricky" Vasquez, Rayanne Graff, Sharon Cherski, Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano, even the smaller recurring and one-timers. They all suffer so beautifully and are so imperfect, you can't help but fall in love with each of them. I found myself more interested with Angela's story rather than her parents stories, but still, absolutely wonderful.

    To explain the title of this review; Because of low ratings and Claire Danes not willing to do another, the show was cancelled after one season. One season was not enough, with what the season left us with, it could've been great for the next season. It left us wanting more. But even though it's run was short, the show was already good enough to satisfy me.

    I just can't express enough how much I love this show. If only I was a teenager at the time this show was on so that I would know what it's like for all the others. But instead, I'm proud to say that this show had first aired the year I was born. Go 1994!
  • 2012 and still the best

    i just started watching it and i love it and what was going in around abc family's head when they cancelled this amazing show. i'm really mad i have so many questions that will never be answered. Can't they just keep the season going with different characters ? I LOVE THIS SHOW and ugh i just cant believe it's cancelled.
  • Great teen drama of the 90's!


    My So Called Life was a great 90's drama that only lasted one season. Angela was the lead character, much a the show revolved around her obsession with Jordan, and her struggle to be an individual while having very involved parents. Angela has a set of old friends who she use to be close to, but are really the cool image that she now wants to project. She starts hanging out with a cooler and more troubled crowd including Rae Anne, and Ricky. Angela has a younger sister Danielle, who at times feels left out. Danielle admires Angela very much.

    One of the greatest things about this show is that the characters talk the way teens actually talk, as well as get involved with some of the schemes kids were actually doing at that time. Raves, abandon house for make out parties, drugs and alcohol, rock bands, hair dye, flannel shirts etc. It was a 90's show for 90's teens, very in the moment.

    Although at times irritating the parents on this show were a good balance. They wanted to be their for their kids but also wanted to give them their space. We often saw some of their problems and how those problems also effected the kids instead of always vise versa.Adultery, spicing up a marriage, health problems, death are just some of the problems tackled by the adult relationships.

    I greatly enjoyed this show when it was on and still enjoy watching the dvds today. I wish it could of had a longer run, other than that it is perfect. Long live the 90's!

  • Possibly the best drama on tv ever.

    I feel like I am actually observing the life of a teenager when I am watching this show. When I watch this show on dvd, I feel like I am right in the room with them. That is exactly how realistic this show is. Most teen shows these days are all about kids just playing silly jokes on each other. It was nice to go back to a time when teens did not have cell phones glued to their ears, or a computer in every room of their house. Yet this show seems so modern. It seems like this show was filed very recently. If you had never seen the show, you probably would not notice that it is about 14 years old. And I remember going through most of what every character on that show went through. The awkwardness of the school dance, the comparison of school to a battleground. No other show truly portrayed teen life as what it truly is. Difficult, confusing and scary.
  • A show about teens growing in fast paced world. Moreover, the story of their understading of knowing what place they have in this world.

    I remember to this day the joy it brought to my life watching that show. I felt as I was apart of the show, going thru the same tribulations as the characters. They weren't even characters they were like my friends. I was one of those who signed a petition to save the show, "my show." Little did I know tht Claire Danes had a hand in the desmise of the show, very disappointing. Well, it what it is and I still love her. But I wish they consider in bringing the show back. There are, I am sure so many unknown stars in the world tht can make this show great again. Someone should hold like a world wide talent search. I mean even look at shows like, it doesn't even compare, but like 90210 they are making it work. So please bring it back!
  • This show was made before it's time. As stated if it had gone on for one more season it would have had a long life. A show that came out when I needed it most.

    This was a show about life from a time in our lives when things are changing and confusing. A time when angst is expected and sulleness is overwhelming. I was a preteen when this show came out and compared to other "high school dramas" such as Saved by the Bell, this one seemed so much more raw and real. Albeit this was what set it apart making it a favorite, I beleive ultimatly it was why it failed. Before it's time, at least on prime time television, it exposed the world to the life people didn't want to know about the seedy under belly of high school. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll, not to sound to cliche. Now I am quite a bit older and just bought the complete series on DVD. Revisiting this show from the percpective of a mother, wife and general adult has made me only more fond. Now instead of anticpation of a life I'm waiting to have, I feel nostalgic for a life I used to live. I was reading the book that came with my new DVD's and according to the creator, Winnie Holzman, she say's someone wouold've become prego, Sharon being the obvious choice. Patty and Graham would've split, sending Patty into a deep depression. Angela would turn to Brian when Jordon and her relationship ultimatly failed. Rickie would've moved in with Mr. Katimsky leading to his dismissal as a teacher, in turn forcing Patty out of depression to defend him. That would have been great!! I wish it had happened, but at the same time am greatful for the time I had. I loved this show and it will always hold a place in my heart. A timeless piece of television that will live on through syndication, and hopefully for a long time. I hope that all who haven't seen it get a chance to and those who have, I can only hope you love it like I do.
  • Guilty as charged

    I really liked this show. They don't make shows like these anymore, and it's a real shame. This show was going on when I was in high school and I have to say that it got me through the bad days. Now the current high school kids are stuck with shows like My super sweet 16!!! I mean seriously how many kids/teenagers does that show reflect even the possibility of normalness in this day and age. I mean I went to highschool with a good portion of the student population being snobs but that really takes it to another level. Hopefully they can at least do some type of spin off of this show because it was really good.
  • A great show that ended way too soon.

    MSCL was a great show that should never have been canceled.
    It follows the life of Angela a 15 girl, who is like most 15 year old girls, unsure of herself and where she is going. The show was easy for teens to relate to, the acting was so much better than of the teen shows that came after it.
    The teens on this show even talked the way kids were talking at the time.
    I was in high school when this show was on and was so bummed when it got the ax.
    Although it only lasted one season it is still one of my all time favorite shows.
  • An amazing show that should have been allowed to continue.

    In the one short season that "my so-called life" was on-air, it made a huge impact. The show will remain a cult favorite for many years to come thanks to its honesty and originality. People could relate to the characters, and loved them. It was easy to understand Angela's obsession with Jordan Catalano, and it was easy to sympathize with Rayanne and Ricky's personal problems because the show made it easy to understand each of the characters. The show was definitely ahead of its time, and it is too bad that it was not able to continue. I think the show would have only gotten better and better.
  • Unfortunetly in Hungary it was never shown. I've only seen it on german television.

    My so called life - I love it. There are some favorite moments, like when Jordan takes Angelas hands in front of the others. And her crush on Jordan Catalno... I had my own Jordan Catalano.. I just never dated him.. only once... :) And his voice when he is singing.. I couldn't wait to listen to his band... And I wasn't dissappointed... He is still hot has the hottest voice I've ever heard... And his songs... Sorry, back to the show. I wish I could watch it again or see a sequel... I've imagined how the show could go on. Like Angela and Brians relationship... Or would Angela break up with Jordan after she found out that he wasn't the one who wrote the letter...
  • The show that changed a million teenage girls' and at least one teenage boy's life!

    What can be said about MSCL that hasn't already been lyrically waxed over?

    It was light years ahead of its time, bringing a voice never before, nor since, heard to the trauma of adolescence. In an era of increasingly verbose and implausible 'teen-dramas' it opted for subtlety and realism: the characters don't 'sit down' for the big emotional exposition every episode; things, besides who's sleeping with whom, actually change and evolve through the series; and the emotion is not reduced to pop-soundtrack-driven lingering slow-mo gazes. The characters speak like actual people, never quite articulating themselves and never quite understanding each other, never speaking the whole truth, and never falling into cliché. The style is very naturalistic, steering well clear of melodrama and overt emotion, focusing instead on the ennui of both the external and internal worlds of our heroine, Angela. We are drawn into her world through her private narrative, and this device works beautifully, weaving the mostly symbolic plot lines together seamlessly.

    The first show to use actual teenagers to play teenagers (Claire Danes was only 13 when cast in the pilot) turned the imagined drawbacks of doing this into a strength. Because of the restricted work hours for minors the show was forced to focus more on the ensemble cast, and particularly on subplots between Angela's parents. These subplots mirrored and enriched the main plot of each episode and also brought 3 dimensional parental characters to teen-drama. Another first.

    The only bad thing to say about this show is that it sucks that there are only 19 episodes. It is a true testament that over the years since it was cancelled the show has grown to cult status, with an ever expanding fanbase. For those of us who 'were there' at the time however, it will always be more than just a tv show. It will be the show that changed my life, that brought the walls of my gingerbread house crashing down, that made me dye my hair red - sorry, crimson glow. At an age where everything I saw made me feel more alienated and alone, this honest show about alienation rang true, and instantly offered me that connection to the world that could not be found anywhere else. It is and always will be my all time favourite.

    It is ironic that while the evil network (may they burn with the pain of a thousand wedgies) did axe the first season before its time, ultimately the reason there was no second season is down to Claire Danes. But without her there would be no show at all, and maybe after all it was fate: Even had the show run for 10 years there could be no more perfect ending than that last scene between Angela and Brian. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes, and embodies precisely that undefined sense of unresolved change that shapes the heart of My So-Called Life.
  • About a nice girl called Angela, who gets a new best friend, Rayanne, who is nothing like her, but they still become the best of friends. Angela has a big crush on Jordan Catalano, a cool guy from here school, but can she live up to his expectations?

    This is so cool, that this classic TV show is finally out on DVD. The actors are all really amazing, and it has some great topics, that are even good to "hear" about here in 2007. Like sex, drinking, drugs, falling in love, "group" pressure, coming out, parenthood. It has Clare Danes (Family stone, Shopgirl, Romeo + Juliet), Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars, Panic Room), Devon Gummersall, Bess Armstrong and Tom Irwin in it. If you haven't seen it, now is deffently the time to go and get it on DVD. I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • A better show has never been made.

    Very rarely does a television show come along that makes me say, "I know EXACTLY what they mean!" My So-called life drew me with the fascinatingly cute Angela (Claire Danes) and hooked me with the pinpoint writing and stellar supporting cast. I may be biased, as the mid 90s was when I was growing up, too, but now I feel even moreso as if like a fine wine or classic movie, the program gets better with age. Particularly delicious is A. J. Langer as best friend Rayanne. And Angela's mom should have been recognized by the Emmys for her work. By the end of the pilot alone, I was in love with everyone on the show. Filled with deep insight, genius humor and dramatic revelations, the show nails teenage angst and confusion realistically and dramatically without compare. This is the finest television I have ever had the pleasure of watching. My So-Called life is nothing short of perfect.
  • Not a bad choise.

    Remember the first time you said goodbye to someone and you knew you would never, ever see them again? Remember how that felt? If you do, then you know Angela Chase and her family and friends on "My So-Called Life", a simple show about a group of people at a specific time in their lives that is like the fly stuck in amber.

    There are only nineteen episodes of this most compelling of programs, then it is done. As the nineteenth episode ends, you are left with a painful feeling deep inside. You have come to care for these people and now they are gone. The next day, the rerun cycle will begin again and you will watch, entranced, as Angela and Rayanne and Rickie and Jordan and Brian and Sharon and Patty and Graham and Danielle travel through the same nineteen hours again, as you sit back, longing for that nineteenth episode to be followed by episode twenty. But it never comes. It's cruel.

    "My So-Called Life" is a good argument to never watch television again. And a great argument to say you're glad you did. It's not simply a show about angst-ridden mid-ninetees teens. It's much more. You owe it to yourself to watch these nineteen episodes, to get a glimpse at what a five-star television series looks like...and how wrong it is when a television network takes it away.

    Kudos to all involved.

    This series is required viewing.
  • can i watch it pleaseeee

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  • Follows the life of a high school girl who's actually normal but still makes for compelling viewing.

    Honestly I never thought i'd get into this show. It's been forever since it was made and it hasn't really had much exposure. I'm so glad I finally decided to watch it because it is a real gem. The show has a real honesty to it and the dialogue never seems forced (see Dawson's Creek). The issues it deals with and the 'morals of the week' are never forced down your throat. You just watch and enjoy and take from it what you will. Claire Danes is convincing as Angela and the support cast is equally excellent. A young Jared Leto hints at his future in music (he's in the band 30 seconds to mars) playing the irresistable Jordan Catalano. It was unfortunately cut short, only airing for a season, due to low ratings and Claire Danes' decision to pursue her film career. The 19 episodes may be 12 years old now but still hold relevance and are truly affecting.
  • With amazing anologies and the struggles of being a teenager, Angela deals with way too much.

    Originally, Angela is your average, every day teenager. Until one day she decides to come out of her shell and hang out with the school "slut" Reyanne and "gay" Ricky. The two rebellious kids convince Angela to dye her hair red, and when her mother comes home to realize Angela has made friends from outside of the bubble she was forced in, and that her hair was now red, anger bubbles and surfaces. Angela's former best friend, before this one day, has no idea what's happening to her "life life" best friend. Angela goes through ups and downs with this former best friends, and with her neighbor, Brian Crackow, who has this sick "secret" (only to Angela) obsession with her. It's all about being a teenager in the 90's and Angela's family life and crush, Jordan Cadilano. Unfortunetly, the show ceased after one season, leaving us with clifhangers and only our imaginations to think what comes next for the characters.
  • This critically acclaimed teen drama of the 90's is about Angela Chase and her life at home with her parents and younger sister, and also her life at school and her friends. The best drama to watch!

    I was a fan of the show, when I watched the reruns on MTV, after it was cancelled for one season. I was thirteen, when the show started. I was fourteen, when the show was cancelled. Angela Chase was my favorite character. She was portrayed by the fantastic Claire Danes. She did won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy, for her role as Angela Chase. It was on Thursdays at 8pm timeslot. It was up against NBC's "Mad About You" and "Friends". The show failed to compete against the two shows and was cancelled after 19 episodes. The show made Claire Danes famous in the 90's as a teen star.
  • I thinks that it was just retarted to cancel this show in the first place. It was one of those shows that are too good for TV.

    I loved this show. Why did they had to cancel it? I do not see the point in doing that. Supposely, because of low ratings. But come on, that is the lamest excuse in the book. The real reason they cancelled this show was because it was TOO real. It portrayed what teenagers were really like back then and still to this day. It had everything you look in a FENOMENAL show, but that is really hard to find. Even the cast was perfect. If they tried to make this show again, it would not work, you know why? Because you would not find a girl as real as CLAIRE DANES, or as funny as WILSON CRUZ. Or as retardely cute as DEVON GUMMERSALL. Or A.J. LANGER. And of course, who could forget the best of all
    JARED LETO (the cutest guy alive)

    It could never work without them, and believe me, I would not want it to work. It is JUST PERFECT the way it is.
    TRUE CLASSIC of REAL television, like it should be.
  • Pre cursor to another fav-Felicity

    I loved this show, and I don't really know why they got rid of it. It was classic/vintage teen angst drama. Perfect for me because I was directly in that demo at the time. Jared Leto and Claire Danes characters had a burgeoning courtship that could've really bloomed into something great. Too bad we didn't get to see more than one season. ABC jerks!
  • The show is about Angela, a teenage girl who just wants Jordan Catalano to like her and starts hanging out with new friends.

    At first, I didn't really think much of this show. It was near the end of the year, and my Creative Writing teacher had brought it in so we had something to watch, because she loved the show and didn't want to finish Rent like she promised. To me, it was just getting out of classwork, but I got caught up in the show eventually. It was the normal cliche teenager show, but it was pretty interesting anyway. I even had a favorite character, Ricky, the funny clueless one. And on the last day of Creative Writing, we watched the Boiler Room, which got the entire class entranced by its story. When Jordan Catalano held Angela's hand at the end, we were all cheering. Literally. So it's not too bad of a show.
  • My So-Called Life. Is about the personal struggles of teenager Angela Chase and those around her. Problems range from drinking and having sex to cheating on a spouse.

    This show has changed my life. Though it is not on much anymore (it is on The N at 5:00 a.m.) I always find time to watch it. What really helps shape the show is being able to listen to Angela\'s thoughts. Really being able to get into a characters head like that. At other times you are even able to get into other characters brains. Like Brian and Rayanne. It gives the show the pivotal piont it is nessacary to make almost not a show and more of you and your friends lives. The only other thing I adore about this show is the lighting. It\'s just beautiful.
  • the best show to ever be cancelled

    i think the funniest thing about this show is that no one even noticed it until it was too late. i bet abc really kicked themselves in the ass when it was so successfull when it was replayed on mtv. i never really watched it on a regular basis, but i saw enough to know that this show should have been given a better chance.
  • The best show ever on television!

    it was a thursday in 1996. i had nothing to do so i turned on the television and i saw the first episode of my so called life for the first time. i was blown away. i was only 11 years old but it was the most incredible thing i had ever seen. i watched the whole season and missed it when it was gone. then in Dec 2003 i came to america for the first time and bought the dvd and watched the first episode for the second time. 10 years later still the best show ever!
  • great t.v show that takes plae a year in the life of a high school student

    my so called life is great the reson why i like it so much becouse it is very real. shows like the o.c are so fake and dont really appeal at all becouse the problems they have are stuff that ill never have to worry about unlike the oc my so called life deals wiht real issues and i am amazed by the great acting done by claire danes i don't think i have ever seen any other actor act as good in a televison show as claire acted in my so called life. if you havn't seen it before i strongly advise giving it a shot
  • School is a battlefield for your heart...

    I first watched My So-Called Life when I was Angela’s age, and it was my little therapy, a window of understanding I could embrace with my heart and my arms flung wide open. The misery, the exhilaration, the freedom, the alienation, all rang truer than they ever have in television fiction. No teenager should have to through adolescence without seeing that!

    Looking back on it ten years later, on my cherished overpriced DVD set, all the memories of this show and this special time in my life flood back and overwhelm me. I find myself relating both to the teenage issues and to that of Angela’s parents. I’m not only moved by the truthful accuracy of the emotions depicted, reliving them like it was yesterday, but also amazed by the brilliancy of the acting and scriptwriting. Insightful, soulful, bitterly funny; a masterpiece as much as a testimony. This show made the walls of my gingerbread house come crashing down. And that day, I woke up…
  • I first saw this show in my english class, and I fell in love with it.

    On a rather boring day, in a rather boring town, my rather boring English teacher took a raincheque on teaching my class. Instead, he put in a tape of My So-Called Life, and sat at his desk. I will never be able to thank him enough for doing that. This amazing, short-lived show came to a tragic halt 19 episodes into it's first, and only, season. It used to be in syndication on Disney's Family Channel. Now, in order to see it, one must purchase the out-of-print, DVD boxset off of eBay...for $200. The final episode, and the loose ends that were left makes me want to cry when I think about it.
  • Just Amazing.

    I think I could identify with most characters on My so-called Life. Probably one of the best written shows of all time. Because it didn't last long (19 episodes) I think of it more as a "mini-series".

    You should check out the dvd. Pricey, and kinda lacking in quality, but still worth it.
  • Why did they have to cancel this show?

    I remember this show because it was in my freshman year of college.I use to remember being home in the evenings watching this show as I was doing my assignments. I really wish they never cancelled this show. But at least Claire Danes is a major star now. I guess this show made her who she is.
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