My So-Called Life

ABC (ended 1995)


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  • Possibly the best drama on tv ever.

    I feel like I am actually observing the life of a teenager when I am watching this show. When I watch this show on dvd, I feel like I am right in the room with them. That is exactly how realistic this show is. Most teen shows these days are all about kids just playing silly jokes on each other. It was nice to go back to a time when teens did not have cell phones glued to their ears, or a computer in every room of their house. Yet this show seems so modern. It seems like this show was filed very recently. If you had never seen the show, you probably would not notice that it is about 14 years old. And I remember going through most of what every character on that show went through. The awkwardness of the school dance, the comparison of school to a battleground. No other show truly portrayed teen life as what it truly is. Difficult, confusing and scary.