My So-Called Life

ABC (ended 1995)


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  • Great teen drama of the 90's!


    My So Called Life was a great 90's drama that only lasted one season. Angela was the lead character, much a the show revolved around her obsession with Jordan, and her struggle to be an individual while having very involved parents. Angela has a set of old friends who she use to be close to, but are really the cool image that she now wants to project. She starts hanging out with a cooler and more troubled crowd including Rae Anne, and Ricky. Angela has a younger sister Danielle, who at times feels left out. Danielle admires Angela very much.

    One of the greatest things about this show is that the characters talk the way teens actually talk, as well as get involved with some of the schemes kids were actually doing at that time. Raves, abandon house for make out parties, drugs and alcohol, rock bands, hair dye, flannel shirts etc. It was a 90's show for 90's teens, very in the moment.

    Although at times irritating the parents on this show were a good balance. They wanted to be their for their kids but also wanted to give them their space. We often saw some of their problems and how those problems also effected the kids instead of always vise versa.Adultery, spicing up a marriage, health problems, death are just some of the problems tackled by the adult relationships.

    I greatly enjoyed this show when it was on and still enjoy watching the dvds today. I wish it could of had a longer run, other than that it is perfect. Long live the 90's!