My So-Called Life

ABC (ended 1995)


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  • 1 Season: Good and Not Enough

    I watch a whole lot of TV, I'm more into Comedies, and I hardly have any Dramas that I regularly watch, but this show has got to be the most beautiful show I've ever seen. It reminds me of a book called 13 Reasons Why, which is also of teen drama genre and just as amazing and relatable to me.

    It is, like, an absolutely realistic portrayal of high school life and, like, it goes into some subjects that are so, like, dark and serious. A gun firing at school; being booted out of your own house; betrayal of friendship; it's just unbelievable what they've gotten into and handled so perfectly. And the characters are all so, like, unique and, like, real, and beautiful. Angela Chase; her sister, Danielle; her parents, Patty and Graham; her schoolmates, Enrique "Ricky" Vasquez, Rayanne Graff, Sharon Cherski, Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano, even the smaller recurring and one-timers. They all suffer so beautifully and are so imperfect, you can't help but fall in love with each of them. I found myself more interested with Angela's story rather than her parents stories, but still, absolutely wonderful.

    To explain the title of this review; Because of low ratings and Claire Danes not willing to do another, the show was cancelled after one season. One season was not enough, with what the season left us with, it could've been great for the next season. It left us wanting more. But even though it's run was short, the show was already good enough to satisfy me.

    I just can't express enough how much I love this show. If only I was a teenager at the time this show was on so that I would know what it's like for all the others. But instead, I'm proud to say that this show had first aired the year I was born. Go 1994!
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