My So-Called Life

Season 1 Episode 15

So-Called Angels

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 22, 1994 on ABC

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  • A pretty great episode, all together different than anything on MSCL up until that point. Actually had me at the edge of my seat.

    ***This review may contian mild spoilers***

    I am so conflicted about the last five minutes of this episode. When Patty looks at the girl and asks her those three questions (I'm trying to avoid huge spoilers) and the bomb is dropped about her fate, the tone of the show goes in a completley new direction (one they flirted with in the Halloween episode). I understand that they were trying to tackle tough subject matter and wanted to really make an emotional impact, and i can't deny that the exchange between Patty and the Homeless girl has stuck with me, the tonal change beginning with Rickie bleeding in the snow at the start of the episode in place of the theme song is jarring, and while it's in my top 5 eps its part of the reason we only got 19 episodes.
  • They did basically the exact same thing in the episode Halloween, but just changed the theme to Christmas.

    Ok, i thought this episode was going to be fantastic. The opening shot of Rickie falling to the ground and coughing out blood made me feel so sad. They had the chance to make this a real tear jerker, except i was left feeling bored and annoyed. Especially when that chick with the guitar ended up being an angel. You may not believe me, but i saw that coming from a mile off, in the moment she said "she was looking out for Rickie".

    How heartless is Angela's mother? I mean seriously, i think she has no heart. She blatantly sees Rickie's mashed up face, but turns him out like it's not her problem. What a witch, does she have no soul? Does she not know it's Christmas time? No matter how hard i try, i just cannot find myself to like her... at all. And her little bit of redemption at the end didn't move me either. It was so blase.

    The only upper in this episode was Rayanne. She is fantastic, and the part where she tried to make "Steve" happy over the phone was classic. And i really liked the fact that "Steve" hung up the phone and didn't get all sleazy or whatever. Steve is great and so is Rayanne. But apart from them two, nothing grabbed me as brilliant. Except this is a Christmas episode. They like to do these types of episodes during that time. But they could have done it a lot more better i think.
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