My Strange Addiction

Wednesday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Dec 29, 2010 In Season


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  • Thank you Baba Dele for saving our marriage and my Friend Life.

    My Name is Cheryl Susan from Atlanta Georgia here to testify of the good work of Baba Dele on how he brought back my Ex Husband to me within 2 days and also cure my best Friend Sarah from Cancer that i introduce to man is powerful and he has cure lots of deadly Diseases that you think he has no cure,He can also see your Future and tell you if you're in a right relationship or marriage or if your partner is cheating on you Husband Ran away with my best friend for years and left me and my two kids and it was really like hell for me taking care of the two kids all alone without any money or help from anyone. I Love my Husband so much and i really needed him back in my Life but i tried all i could to get him back but all effort was in Vain until i met this great man Baba Dele how he has helped so many people and i thought it was all a joke because i never use to believe in spell casting but i choose to give it a trial and i contacted him on his email on He laughed and said that i shouldn't bother that in two days time i will have my husband back i thought it was a joke but to my greatest Surprised,after he has Finished casting the spell as exactly he has said in two days time my husband called me on the phone and it was a big shocked for me because i haven't heard from him for apologized and said that he didn't know what came over God be the glory i have my Husband with me now and we are living so happy like never before. You can as well contact him on the email today and see a change in your Life too. Contact him now on Thank you Baba Dele for saving our marriage and my Friend Life.
  • Rather addicting to watch and for good reason

    A show that chronicles lives and circumstances of various people of just about all backgrounds who suffer from some very out of the ordinary addictions. Never mind alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, or video/computer games; the addictions range from shoes, rock collecting, pets, taxidermy, exercise, drywall, bleach, and much more. It's so surprising that everyday items, practices, and even hobbies can take a toll on a persons mentality and attention. Most of this stuff is typically taken so seriously.

    Professional help is offered to the addicts from concerned family, friends, colleagues, and even the addicts themselves. Sometimes the addicts realize the unhealthy obsession and make changes but many continue on for who knows how long.

    Still keep practicing overall moderation in everyday loves/interests, activities, materials, and items.