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My Super Sweet 16
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My Super Sweet 16 follows a series of 15 year old girls as they rigorously plan, prep, and finally partake in their sweet 16 party. Will the event be a success? Or a stinker? Will bossy parents, friends, or greedy siblings stand in their path of a dream celebration? Sometimes sixteen... ain't so sweet. Seasons There have been 3 seasons of My Super Sweet Sixteen so far. Typically, a season has six through ten episodes in it. Most Common Locations: La Jolla, California Newport Beach, California Atlanta, Georgia Beverly Hills, California New York, New York Scottsdale, Arizona Boca Raton, Florida Miami, Florida

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    • help my sweet sixteen needs to be on this show !!1

      names dejia and im having a super cheertacular sweet sixteen on October 25 of this year my party is super worthy of this show how do i get on email me please this would be the best day of my life
    • what the hell?!

      i can't wacth the opening trailer of the show, let alone the show itself! don't they have anything useful to do with thier money apart from blow it on a party?! if i had money like that, i would put it towards something more useful , like university tuition fees, because at the end of the day a decent education is much more important than a massive party , because employers are looking for people who are famous for being famous, they want someone who is educated!

      end of rant.moreless
    • Hello

      Love it Jamaica How do I get my little cuz sweet 16 on MTV we live in Atlanta,GA n I would love to do that for u surprise her n my family if we can u can email me
    • i would love to be on my super sweet 16 teen

      please i would love to do this please mommy isn't working but i belive in this please my email is please
    • Not only do these teens don't deserve to get everything they want to, get more attention, and should be sent to military school, but the parents need to be sent to a rehab clinic to properly discipline these spoiled bratsmoreless

      If there was an award for biggest waste of time, it would probably go to My Super Sweet 16. The show is about filming mostly girls, and some guys, who are going to be 16 and the parents plan it out for them. Sound stupid? Well it only gets worse. All the teen on this show are spoiled and rotten brats that tell their parents that they want this or that and they all go nuts when things don't go there way. They usually throw temper tantrums, have breakdowns or just whine and complain more. Who would find this appealing at all? Why do we need to see spoiled kids who clearly don't deserve what they want get everything anyway? If anything, the show should be about families who are poor and want to give their child a good sweet 16, not these rich jerks. Even when the teens get everything, they still demand more stuff. Why? They got everything. To make matters worse, the parents do not discipline their child at all for misbehaving and it's so appalling to see how these parents raised their children. It is quite amusing though to see the kids not get everything and have a meltdown. It's so fun to see those rotten brats be shown they can't have everything. This show is just a complete waste of time and has no value at all. Here's a good idea though if you do have a birthday coming up. Wish for one of the following 4 things.

      1. The show be canceled and the producers be fired.

      2. The spoiled brats be sent to military school or arrested.

      3. The parents be sent to rehab to learn how to discipline their child.

      4. The parents and teen go broke and loose everything.

      Maybe if we are lucky, one of those wishes will come true and there will be less scum on the Earth.moreless

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